Pokemon fans are obsessed with Trapinch stapler because look at it

Nathan Ellingsworth
A Trapinch stapler is visible in the centre of the screenThe Pokemon Company

A new piece of Pokemon merch is taking the internet by storm, as a Hoenn favorite and a piece of stationary are combined gloriously.

Every single Pokemon has a fan, every single one. Even with well over 1000 of the creatures, there is a dedicated fan base for every ‘mon under the sun (Trubbish gang rise up), and because of this, every single Pocket Monster is bound to get some fun merch.

Proving this rule true is a fun new piece of Pokemon merch, unexpectedly showcasing a Hoenn favorite, but also in a way that makes so much sense it’s wild it hasn’t happened sooner.

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Of course, it’s nothing new for strange Pokemon merch to come out of Japan, but this particular item is gaining traction online, and fans want to see it released in the West.

Trapinch stapler is winning Pokemon fans’ affection everywhere

Originally shared by Meccha Japan on X (Twitter), a new wave of Pokemon merchandise coming from Japan includes some Pokemon pieces that double as household items, and the pick of the litter is the incredible Trapinch stapler.

Plenty of Pokemon fans are going wild for the new merchandise in the comments, with one saying “genuinely going feral” before another person adds, “TRAPINCH STAPLER.”

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Another person posts while quoting the original post, as they say, “A TRAPINCH STAPLER?? omfg I need it my favorite boy just chomping the paper together.”

In a completely separate post, with well over 30k likes, an X user says, “OKAY EVERYONE SHUT UP AND LOOK IT’S A TRAPINCH STAPLER AAAAAAAA.”

Finally, another post simply saying “TRAPINCH STAPLER’ is currently sitting at 70k likes. It’s not clear whether this Trapinch stapler will ever make its way West, or if it’s possible to import from Meccha Japan, but one thing is for sure. Trapinch Stapler.

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