Pokemon fan spots legendary Lugia and Pikachu vehicles in the wild

pokemon detective pikachu shocked headerThe Pokemon Company

A Pokemon fan made a shocking discovery when they noticed vehicles modeled after Pikachu and Lugia.

In the past, The Pokemon Company has introduced several products to promote the popular franchise. For example, several Pokemon-themed food items and a collaboration with Crocs. Additionally, Japan has introduced Pokemon maintenance hole covers throughout the country.

The practice of promoting Pokemon in real-life has also arrived in the United States. Recently, one fan posted a picture of Pokemon promotional cars based on Pikachu and Lugia. The two vehicles completely embodied a 2000s vibe.

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Pokemon fan owns Pikachu and Lugia-themed cars

Lugia PokemonThe Pokemon Company

On the Pokemon subreddit, Reddit user mewisme700 posted a one-of-a-kind picture at Baltimore Pokecon. The attendee snapped an image of a Pikachu Volkswagen Beetle, and a Lugia Chrysler PT Cruiser parked outside the event.

In total, Nintendo created 10 Pikachu Beetles and five Lugia PT Cruisers. The latter appeared to celebrate the release of Pokemon Gold & Silver. Despite only 15 vehicles being in existence, mewismee700 actually owns both cars. They paid only $900 for the PT Cruiser and $8,000 for the Beetle.

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In the comment section, fans praised the bright car based on Pokemon’s ambassador. However, some were divided about Nintendo’s choice of vehicle for a legendary like Lugia.

“Shame such a cool legendary has to be represented by such a godawful car,” NegativePharos wrote.

“That’s managed to make a PT Loser significantly more interesting than it usually is,” D_Antelmi suggested.

However, other fans simply focused on the feeling of nostalgia that the vehicles evoked. “I remember seeing the Pikachu Beetle but not the Lugia PT Cruiser,” babaganoush7930 reminisced. “They both look amazing. I wonder if the interior of the car has any special designs as well.”

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