Pokemon card YouTuber stunned after pulling rare prototype Blastoise worth $10k

Pokemon YouTuber PokeRev shocked next to rare Base Set Blastoise Pokemon Card.YouTube: PokeRev

A Pokemon YouTuber lost it after scoring a prototype Blastoise Pokemon Card worth $10,000. The TCG collectible is so rare, it was never released to the public. 

Before the Base Set hit most stores in 1999, the Pokemon Trading Card Game had printed special Trainer decks given out to Pokemon League leaders.

The early-print cards were meant for training employees on how to play the TCG. YouTuber PokeRev was left speechless when he scored a prototype Blastoise from the release worth thousands.

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Pokemon YouTuber PokeRev holding rare Blastoise Pokemon Card screenshot.YouTube: PokeRev
The TCG YouTuber was floored after scoring a rare prototype Blastoise card.

YouTuber scores unreleased Blastoise Pokemon card

For his 100,000 subscriber special in 2020, YouTuber PokeRev bought a sealed Deck B Pokemon card set to open on his channel. The content creator wowed viewers when he pulled a rare Blastoise that was never sold to the public.

In a February 2022 update, the TCG fan revealed that he had finally gotten his unreleased deck back from grading service PSA. During the video, the YouTuber was nervous as he went to check his graded Blastoise. “I’m shaking. If this is a 10, the last sold for this card was almost $10,000! My heart is pounding. It’s going to be super close.”

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PokeRev lost it when he found out that his unreleased collectible had scored a perfect PSA 10 grade. “OH! NO WAY!” the fan screamed before hopping out of his seat and falling to the floor in disbelief. “GEM MINT 10, BABY! HOLY CRAP!” the YouTuber exclaimed in excitement.

(Blastoise card at 18:10)

While the unreleased Blastoise technically features the same artwork as the Base Set edition, it doesn’t feature a holographic background and has a red back which makes it incredibly unique.

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The last time a PSA 10 of this same collectible was sold was at the Goldin Auctions in September 2021. With Pokemon cards’ continued rise in popularity, the prototype could fetch an even higher price.