Pokemon card storage hunter goes through a “rollercoaster of emotions”

An open storage unit with cardboard boxes stacked insidePokemon

A Pokemon card storage hunter went on a “rollercoaster of emotions” after they purchased a unit that was a treasure trove of Pokemon card products, only to be bitterly disappointed.

One dedicated Pokemon storage hunter was seemingly overjoyed after they stumbled upon what looked like several boxes of fresh Pokemon cards in an auction. On closer inspection, however, the sealed packets weren’t worth quite as much as they originally thought.

Before you consider purchasing sealed Pokemon cards, especially when they’re second-hand or from an auction, it’s important to watch out for fakes. This buyer was keen to share the fake gold so that prospective buyers wouldn’t be fooled.

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Pokemon card storage hunter’s auction bounty turns out to be fake

Old, untampered, authentic Pokemon trading card sets and collections can be worth a fortune to collectors. Naturally, storage units can provide the ideal, cool, dark, dry conditions that are needed to preserve the products at their best. Unfortunately, they can also be ideal places to store fake cards, which one collector ended up discovering.

After getting this unfortunate result, the player took to Reddit to share a warning to other players, revealing how they knew the cards were fake.

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The poster suggested looking out for “blurry font”, “jagged teeth on the crimp”, cards facing different directions inside, incorrect amounts of cards inside, no gray layer within the cards, and incorrect colors or intensity of the colors on the packaging.

Besides heat from burning the cards for warmth, the bounty turned out to be practically worthless. Original poster B1unt4ce20 said “I’ve never gone from excited to disappointed so quickly”, although another commenter, kanineanimus, reassured him saying “You may actually find people who want to buy them. There are people who collect fakes, especially decent ones.”

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Another parent remarked that they’d once bought their daughter a box of fake cards “just so she could open them for fun” and keep the packs as the artwork is “pretty awesome”.

Sure, fakes are more often than not pretty disappointing for TCG fans, but there’s still a way to make something good out of a bad situation, just like this collector did.

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