Pokemon card collector stunned after PSA opens his rare vintage TCG packs

Shocked Ash Ketchum Pokemon Anime next to Neo Genesis Pokemon Card packs screenshot.The Pokemon Company / YouTube: TCA Gaming

A Pokemon Trading Card Game collector was floored after discovering that his 1st edition Neo Genesis booster packs had allegedly been opened by grading service PSA.

In 2022, Pokemon cards have become so popular that vintage sets can sell for as much as a house. In order to get those prices though, players need to have their collectibles graded by a professional company.

One collector sending their rare sealed Neo Genesis booster packs in for grading was shocked when PSA shipped their items back opened. The move resulted in the retro TCG cards losing a large amount of their value.

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Pokemon card Neo Genesis packs held by TCA Gaming screenshot.YouTube: TCA Gaming
The sealed 1st Edition Neo Genesis Pokemon Card packs were allegedly opened by PSA.

Pokemon card collector has rare booster packs opened by TSA

Popular collector and seller ‘TCA Gaming’ first reported on the incident back in October 2021. In a YouTube video, he showed his viewers that his 1st edition Neo Genesis packs from 2000 had been opened after sending them off for grading. “They opened the packs,” he alleged. “It was the same for all four of the Typhlosion booster packs. They were busted open on the bottom.”

After showing viewers the torn bottoms of each collectible, the collector then said, “I’m not sure what happened. Not only were these packs opened while at PSA, but I was also charged for it. So not only did they not take care of it, and go through the proper channels with insurance, or even contact me, I was charged for the grading.”

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In a February 2020 upload, TCA Gaming updated fans on the situation and revealed PSA had reimbursed him the damages. “PSA did indeed pay out the value I put on these 4 booster packs. They did refund the grading charge as well,” he said while holding a $2,000 payment up to the camera.

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Although he was happy with the resolution TCA Gaming explained, “It took a little longer than I had hoped. I mean, this was many months at this point. But we did finally get to a resolution.” Despite the reimbursement, the damaged collectibles still sting. 

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With Pokemon cards continuing to rise in value, who knows what the sealed 1st edition Neo Genesis packs could be valued years from now. The set infamously has the rare Lugia and Typhlosion holos which are highly sought after.