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Catch Pikachu wearing a straw hat in Pokemon Go

Published: 19/Jul/2019 10:22 Updated: 19/Jul/2019 10:57

by Paul Cot


Niantic love a Pikachu in a hat and this will continue when the world’s most famous Pokemon is given a straw hat in Pokemon Go.

From July 22, 2019, 1 pm through July 29, 2019, 1 pm local time (no time zones, regardless of where you are in the world) straw hat Pikachu will be available to capture in the wild. That’s right, in the wild, and nothing to do with Pokemon Go’s Snapshot feature.

Catch as many as you want

Other special hat-wearing Pikachus have been added to to the game as part of past events, such as Pokemon Go’s 3rd birthday, and could only be caught once a day by taking a picture using Snapshot. Pikachus would then photobomb your photo before appearing in the wild, at a rate of just once a day.


This time around you won’t be limited on how many of this special Pikachu you can capture. How frequently this Pikachu will appear in the wild remains to be seen, but you can maximize your chances of encountering it by staying in busy areas and finding Pokestops with lures activated.

Straw hat Pikachus addition to the game has nothing to do with Team Rockets much-publicized arrival and more to do with protecting it from the sun. While Pokemon’s most troublesome gang have yet to appear, they could do so by the time straw hat Pikachu is added to the game on July 22.


PokemonNiantic don’t miss an opportunity to give Pikachu a new hat…

Get your own straw hat

Niantic has also announced you’ll be able to share the summer vibe with Pikachu by getting your own straw hat. “If you want to coordinate your avatar’s outfit with Pikachu, there will be a matching straw hat available in the Style Shop,” Niantic shared in a post.

Before you’ll have a chance to catch straw hat Pikachu and kit yourself out in similar attire, the Pokemon Go July Community Day takes place on July 21. The one remaining starter Pokemon of the Hoenn region, Mudkip, will headline the event.

With yet another special Pikachu, an ongoing third anniversary celebration, Team Rocket’s arrival imminent and a community day just days away, there is plenty going on in the world of Pokemon Go.