Pennsylvania State Police on the hunt for stolen $5 Pokemon card

Police investigate $5 pokemon card theftVenango County Co-Op/Pokemon

Police are on the hunt for a man suspected of stealing a Pokemon card valued at $5 from a local co-op in Pennsylvania.

2022 was an incredible year for Pokemon cards, but for all the wrong reasons. Numerous card thefts plagued the community, with some heists involving hundreds of thousands of dollars.

With crimes including high-speed police chases and even armed robberies, there was no shortage of wild Pokemon card incidents that sent the collecting scene into a frenzy, especially with some cards being worth a small fortune.

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Now, 2023 is kicking off with a bang as Franklin-based State Police investigate the case of a stolen card with a price tag of $5. Talk about lucrative.

Police search for suspect accused of stealing $5 Pokemon card

According to ExploreClarion, a man was seen on camera stealing the 500-cent Pokemon card from the Venango County co-op on January 21 at around 4:32 PM.

Police are looking for someone with knowledge of the alleged theft to identify the suspect. Security cameras picked up the man, who is white, bearded, and has a heavy build.

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Pokemon card theft shocks ashPokemon
Pokemon card crimes have reached Ocean’s Eleven levels of insanity.

The man was seen hanging out by a batch of items labeled as “$5 faves,” but not much else is known about the incident or if he was working with an accomplice.

The report doesn’t state what card in question was stolen, but given its value, it’s safe to assume it wasn’t Logan Paul’s Charizard or Illustrator Pikachu.

Anyone with information about the suspect or the incident is asked to contact Trooper Seybert at 814-676-6596.

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