Nightmarish Pokemon Go Grunt face glitch leaves players horrified

Laura Gray
Pokemon Go Grunt glitch

A Pokemon Go trainer has encountered a horrible glitch that contorts the faces of Team Go Rocket Grunts. The result is absolutely terrifying.

Pokemon Go players are always bumping into new glitches and bugs when playing the mobile app. Whether is a harmless visual mishap that swaps the textures of different Pokemon, or a monstrous glitch that distorts important characters like the Team Leaders, there is no shortage of oddities popping up during gameplay.

Recently, fans have encountered bugs with gameplay as well. These unpleasant issues like server crashes and event issues are not as funny as visual glitches and seriously impact the ability to complete time-sensitive content.

However, a new glitch has surfaced alongside the slew of Team Go Rocket Grunts that have taken over PokeStops in Pokemon Go. Trainers have taken to social media to share the encounter, convinced it is a scene from a horror movie.

Pokemon Go Grunt’s face contorts into terrifying scream

In a Reddit post shared by Legitimate_Chemist94 on the r/pokemongo subreddit, the player shares an image of a Team Go Rocket Grunt. Instead of the usual sneer and challenge to a battle, however, the player is met with a distorted monster.

The shaken player states: “What’s wrong with bro? I almost sh*** my pants”.

Fans in the comments are just as disturbed by the gapping mouth and bugged-out eyes of the glitched Pokemon Go Grunt. One states: “This is what Giovanni does to grunts after they lose to the player, think of that before you pick on these guys in the future” while another adds, “Run bro that mf will eat your mons.”

Other players are more amused by the disturbing sight, with one commenting: “You all know this overused line “it’s not a bug, it’s a feature.” Well, in this case, I think it’s somewhat true: these random sprite mix-ups are one of my favorite things in pogo.”

Those who encounter visual glitches like these can often reset the problem by shutting and reopening the app, but it will always be startling to spin a stop or enter a battle and be brought up short by terrifying, twisted renditions of common Pokemon Go NPCs.