Niantic just turned Pokemon Go Kecleon bug into an official feature

pokemon go happy kecleon headerNiantic

Pokemon Go fans have discovered that Niantic took a recent bug surrounding the elusive Kecleon and made it an official feature.

Kecleon made its long-awaited debut in Pokemon Go at the start of 2023, and players loved its unique introduction to the mobile monster-catching game.

To encounter Kecleon in Pokemon Go, players have to approach Pokestops and try to spin them. If an invisible Kecleon is present on the Pokestop, players have to spin it off of the Pokestop to engage it in battle.

Of course, Kecleon’s unique encounter method wasn’t without its fair share of bugs. Much to players’ surprise, Niantic has actually turned one of the more helpful bugs into an official Pokemon Go feature in a recent update.

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Niantic turns Kecleon bug into Pokemon Go feature

An eagle-eyed trainer on TheSilphRoad subreddit discovered a note from Niantic following the update. The note listed the bug made Kecleon visible on Pokestops outside the trainer’s radius if the Pokestop was tapped on.

Instead of simply removing the bug, Niantic implemented the bug as a feature in the game. Naturally, this makes Kecleon much easier to find in the wild and eliminates some of the guesswork involved in hunting down this invisible Pokemon.

Fans on the subreddit post were overwhelmingly positive to the change, with many saying this is how Niantic should handle similar bugs in the future.

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“I remember how the ‘remember last ball used’ was a bug, then it became a feature. Some of the best bugs make great features,” said one trainer.

Others were glad the feature was implemented after much frustration trying to find Kecleon in the wild normally. “Kecleon is still around? I’ve seen one in all this time. Tapped the stop and it fell off and disappeared into the ether. Good job Niantic!”

Considering this isn’t the first time an unintentionally helpful Pokemon Go bug was turned into a feature, players may see similar instances of this in the future. Hopefully, this nice little change helps more trainers track down Kecleon while visiting Pokestops.

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