New Pokemon Go TCG set introduces unique Ditto card and fans love it

Pokemon Go Ditto Peelable cardPokeGuardian/Niantic

Pokemon Go has partnered with The Pokemon Company to create the first-ever PoGo TCG set due to release in July, and fans are loving the new peelable Ditto card.

Since it launched in 2016, trainers from all around the world have spent hours of their life trying to catch their favorite ‘mon on Pokemon Go.

Back in February 2022, TPCi revealed that they are joining forces with Niantic to create the first-ever PoGo TCG set, due to release on July 1, with special branding on the cards.

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On top of the branding, the upcoming set also introduces a peelable Ditto card to mimic the transform ‘mons in-game cutscene and fans are absolutely loving it.

Pokemon Go TCG set introduces new Ditto transformation

Posted by PokeGuardian on Twitter, the English version of the upcoming TCG set has been shown off in a video.

After displaying cards like Radiant Eevee, MewTwo VStar, and the Pokestop stadium card, the video cuts to the bottom left corner of what appears to be a Reverse Holo Bidoof.

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Right after it focuses on the special Ditto stamp, the person in the video peels away the Bidoof sticker to display the transform Pokemon.

Soon after it was posted, fans took to the tweet to share how much they love the peelable Ditto card. Although, some had concerns about its implementation.

Snowylilacs shared their concerns: “Is it legit though? How many people will be willing to peel a card like that, unless they made it obvious that it can be, other than a Ditto mark.”

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While fans like Genesect Insect said: “I could watch this forever. I love this mechanic!”

Its unknown at the time of writing what Ditto can be disguised as outside of the Bidoof in the video, so we’ll have to wait till the set comes to the US in July.

We just hope we won’t get tricked out of a MewTwo VStar.

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