New Galar Region evolution stones revealed for Pokemon Sword and Shield?

David Purcell
Graphics: Pokemon

Pokemon has boasted a number of different special powered stones since the franchise was first formed and it’s taken Detective Pikachu just a few months to find another surprising discovery, which could soon appear in Pokemon Sword and Shield. 

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Detective Pikachu launched around the world back in May 2019 and while the talking Pokemon might have made some incredible discoveries in Hollywood, the Twitter account dedicated to the movie character has potentially uncovered the most interesting yet at the San Diego Comic Con. 

Seasoned veterans of the video game series will have seen everything from a Fire Stones to Oval Stones, but a mysteriously refreshing spin on the Shiny Stone has been revealed by Pikachu and it appears to have gone under the radar. 

The Shiny Stones featured in the Pokemon TV show look very different to the real-life model. Is a brand new stone coming soon?
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Some fans will remember the Shiny Stone from the Ancient Poni Path in Pokemon X and Y, but this new discovery doesn’t look remotely like it. In fact, the real-world model looks more like a Dusk Stone, yet with an oval shape to it. 

While the original Shiny Stone would allow players to evolve different species, such as Togetic, Petilil, Gloom and others, this new stone – as seen in the tweet below – could very well be our latest glimpse at what’s to come in the Galar Region. 

Everything we know about the new Sword and Shield map looks very different to what we’ve seen in the past. It’s apparently based on the United Kingdom, which is a first, with a focus on the industrial revolution as well. This new stone could be the latest teaser for what’s to come from Game Freak’s newest title. 

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Detective Pikachu might have described the new stone as “twisty” but we shouldn’t really read too much into that. It calls everything twisty. However, as the stone’s uncovering appears to have slipped under the radar for many fans, it’s worth noting its existence for sure. 

This could turn out to be a meaningless piece of information that’s somehow tied into a future sequel for Detective Pikachu or a big part of a freshened product in Sword and Shield. 

Graphics: Pokemon, Game Freak
A limited amount of Galar Region Pokemon have been revealed so far.
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Should it be included in the new games, though, it could spark the arrival of new generations of Pokemon that haven’t yet been introduced to fans, just like the Shiny Stone has in the past. 

Game Freak have only revealed a handful of Galar Region Pokedex entrants at the time of writing, with the most recent being Yamper, Rolycoly, Alcremie, and Duraludon, and there’s no doubt that fans are chomping at the bit to see even more. 

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It’s uncertain as to whether or not this is an indication for even more evolutionary stones or items being introduced to the Galar Region when Pokemon Sword and Shield hit the shelves on November 15, but it’s not exactly out of the realms of possibility. 

After all, this information has came from the Pokemon themselves. Thank you Pikachu!