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Pokemon • Jul 10, 2019

Full list of Pokemon confirmed to appear in Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex

Full list of Pokemon confirmed to appear in Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex

Game Freak might have been blasted for the removal of the National Pokedex in Pokemon Sword and Shield, but there are a number of new and exciting species just around the corner.


Excluding those arriving with the eighth generation, there are 809 Pokemon, a number which is expected to increase to well over 900 when Pokemon Sword and Shield is released.

While it has been confirmed a portion of that 809 won't be in the Galar region, a lot will be and some of those have already been revealed. YouTubers such as Austin John Plays has already gone through footage of the game in an attempt to confirm the Pokemon that are featured.

Everyone knew Pikachu would feature in Pokemon Sword and Shield...


List of currently known Pokemon in Sword and Shield

Here is the full list of all seen Pokemon Sword and Shield, broken down by generation:

  • Gen 1: Arcanine, Butterfree, Charizard, Clefable, Dugtrio, Eevee, Gastly, Goldeen, Growlithe, Gyarados, Machamp, Machoke, Machop, Metapod, Mew, Pikachu, Raichu, Rhydon, Snorlax, Vulpix
  • Gen 2: Hoothoot, Mantine, Quagsire, Steelix, Tyranitar, Wobbuffet
  • Gen 3: Castform, Duskull, Electrike, Flygon, Ludicolo, Milotic, Ralts, Snorunt, Wailmer, Wingull, Wynaut
  • Gen 4: Budew, Hippopotas, Lucario, Mantyke, Munchlax, Rotom, Snover, Vespiquen, Weavile
  • Gen 5: Axew, Braviary, Ferrothorn, Frillish, Golurk, Hydreigon, Minccino, Sawk, Seismitoad, Vanillish, Zweilous
  • Gen 6: Avalugg, Bunnelby, Espurr, Hawlucha, Inkay, Meowstic, Mudsdale, Pancham, Swirlix, Togekiss
  • Gen 7: Bewear, Bounsweet, Grubbin, Mudsdale, Steenee, Stufful, Toxapex, Wishiwashi


There are 16 confirmed Gen 8 Pokemon...

Some of you may notice that Pokemon listed here don't have their evolved forms listed. At this stage it isn't clear if all evolutions of a particular Pokemon will be in the game, if one has already been seen.

For example, we have seen Charizard but don't know if Charmander or Charmeleon will be there. While it would make sense for them to do so, they are excluded from the list until there's confirmation.

Gen 8 Pokemon confirmed

Here are the confirmed Pokemon from Gen 8:

  • Grookey
  • Scorbunny
  • Sobble
  • Zacian
  • Zamazenta
  • Gossifleur
  • Eldegoss
  • Wooloo
  • Corviknight
  • Drednaw
  • Alcremie
  • Yamper
  • Rolycoly
  • Duraludon
  • Impidimp


It has been confirmed that three of these Pokemon are able capable of Gigantamaxing, a new feature announced for Pokemon Sword and Shield.

There is expected to be at least 100 new Pokemon added for Gen 8 and a sizeable amount included from previous generations. When including evolutions this number could already be well over 200 but we'll have to wait for further details in the coming weeks and months.

This article will be updated as and when new, and old, Pokemon are confirmed for Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Last updated 21:17 ET, July 12, 2019

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