Mr. Rime and Runerigus revealed in new Pokemon trailer

Nintendo have revealed a last-minute Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer and finally, we can see two new species in their natural habitat. 

The highly anticipated games are expected to be released on November 15, just days after this trailer was added to Nintendo’s Japanese YouTube channel. 

A flood of leaked information has been revealed ahead of the launch, confirming a number of different entrants to the Gen 8 Pokedex, including a fresh evolution for Mr. Mime – which, of course, is an original from the franchise’s famed class of 1996. 

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The Galar Region is bringing a whole host of new Pokemon.

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Mr. Rime, as the new evolution is known, is one of the two fresh faces to have appeared in the promotional video, but that’s not all. Another evolution for a Galar Region form is also included in the trailer. 

After being added in Gen 5, Yamask will look slightly different from its normal form when found in this region. Leaks had previously uncovered Yamask and its evolved version, Runerigus, but finally, it’s been included in one of the official trailers for all to see. 

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Those who saw some of the leaks from November 2, which revealed not only post-game content for Sword and Shield, but much of the Pokedex as well, won’t be too surprised to see just how these two species look. 

Yamask is not the only Pokemon from previous generations to have been given a fresh look in these games, either, with a raft of new Galar Region forms included in the leaks as well – with the likes of Weezing and Zigzagoon already confirmed. 

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Nintendo have since moved to shut down a number of videos and posts online which published such leaked content, meaning much of it can no longer be found. However, now they have revealed a couple from the leaks and they look insane. 

Whether or not we’ll be treated to even more trailers ahead of the November 15 launch, be it on the English or Japanese YouTube accounts from Nintendo, remains to be seen. This new video, though, was very interesting indeed. 

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