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Grandma goes viral on TikTok with her perfect Pokemon nicknames

Published: 11/Nov/2021 20:39

by David Purcell


Picking the best Pokemon nicknames can actually be quite tricky. There’s a lot of pressure on the trainer to pick a good one, especially as – if they’re good enough – it could be in your team until the Pokemon League. If you’re struggling to think of one, fear not – this Grandma has you covered. 

Each Pokemon you catch, whether it be from the Kanto region to the upcoming Hisuian region, can be given a nickname. This allows you to put a personalized stamp on your team and allows players to get creative.

That being said, trying to come up with one that fits the ‘mon and is pretty catchy isn’t the easiest thing in the world – so much so that many trainers decide to just stick with the species name, which is fair enough.


That’s not this grandma’s style, though. She just says it how she sees it.

Perfect Pokemon nickname picked by TikTok grandma

Pokedex in Pokemon anime
The Pokemon Company
There’s lots of Pokemon in the Pokedex – and maybe, just maybe, this grandma should be given the time to rename them all.

This November, TikToker purplecliffe – who has an impressive 650k+ followers on the platform and racked up over 18 million likes since he started out – could never have imagined his grandma would be the next big viral video.

He skyrocketed in popularity after recording and posting Nuzlocke playthroughs of Pokemon games on TikTok, some of which are pretty hilarious. Little did he know, however, that his grandma would be the next big thing.

After watching a clip of an elderly lady trying to name Bulbasaur, reaching the conclusion of “strawberry,” he decided to put his own grandmother to the test.


“You see this thing right here?” he asked, showing his grandmother a picture of Bulbasaur over FaceTime. “What do you think it’s called?”

She brilliantly replied: “The green-eyed toad.”

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Purplecliffe Quizzes His Grandma #fyp #pokemon #purplecliffe

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The video has racked up over 240,000 likes on the purplecliffemoments account since it was posted.

After seeing what is possibly the purest and most natural reaction to seeing a Pokemon for the first time, this grandma made things 10 times better with what happened next.

The TikTok started to talk about how cute she was and touched on her innocence.

Seconds later, he pulled up some DMs between the two where she showed him some of her plants. To bring the clip to a close, she said: “Just planted these. Love you. I’m gonna shoot the deer if they eat them.”


So, not only do people want to see her rename the Pokedex from top to bottom in a future Pokemon TikTok, but maybe – just maybe – a gardening series as well. Imagine.