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Is the GO Battle Great League meta restricted to too few Pokemon?

Published: 26/Mar/2020 2:31 Updated: 26/Mar/2020 2:32

by Paul Cot


Pokemon Go trainers have been strategizing on how to make the most of GO Battle’s inaugural Great League. A lot of of those tactics come down to which Pokemon you select but many feel it always ends up being the same old faces.

With there being a 1,500 CP limit for Great League, it should give you the opportunity to battle with Pokemon that normally you perhaps wouldn’t have. However, after a couple of weeks of playing, the pool of Pokemon has definitely narrowed.

There are of course other factors involved such as moves and management of Protect Shields but it is hard to get past the actual Pokemon choice. This means, at least the top level, the same species will used over and over.


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With the Great League not being as inclusive as hoped, let’s take a look at which species are in the meta. You can also look at our guide as to which Pokemon you should use in GO Battle Great League.

Great League


Let’s start with Altaria. The Humming Pokemon is a beast in Great League. If you have one close to the limit, use it.

Its stats are well rounded although it definitely performs better in defense. This works however, as its bulk combined with an excellent variety and powerful moves makes it the destroyer that it is.


Pokemon Fandom
Altaria is arguably the best option in GO Battle Great League. Beware of ice-type moves though…

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Its three potential Charge Moves – Dazzling Gleam, Dragon Pulse and Sky Attack – are all two bar moves and compliment each other very well in terms of typing. Flying and dragon attacks are useful to have in PvP and the fairy-type move, Dazzling Gleam, is also useful to have against annoying dark-types and other Altarias.

In addition to all this it – somehow – only costs 10,000 Stardust to give it a second Charge Attack. Evolving Swablu is the only real issue here as it costs 400 Candy to do so. Add in a new attack and powering it up into the equation and you should be using Pinap Berries on any Swablu you encounter.



Azumarill is of a similar vain to Altaria. Both are strong defensively and are powered by a variety of moves.

Azumarill GO Battle
Pokemon Fandom
Azumarill is the perfect fit for GBL Great League…

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The Aqua Rabbit Pokemon may look friendly enough but when it comes to Great League, with the exception of Altaria, it is arguably the best. Fairy, water and ice-type moves in the form of Play Rough, Hydro Pump and Ice Beam respectively means few opponents are safe.

Ice Beam is probably the best of three, especially considering Altaria has a double weakness to it. One big difference between the two though, is that Azumarill’s CP tops out at 1,588. This means it will cost a lot more Stardust to get it up to the Great League limit.

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These are generally considered the best and most common species for Great League. However, there are a few others which will be regular appearances.

The likes of Registeel, Skarmory and Umbreon are some of the other frequently picked.

There will always be favorable Pokemon in any format and in truth the meta has thrown out a few surprises. Let’s hope it continues to evolve and expand, rather than focus in on the above. After all, GO Battle League has been a breath of fresh air in Pokemon Go so far.