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Glitch allows Pokemon Go players to play in ‘Rocket Radar’ view

Published: 27/May/2020 11:14 Updated: 27/May/2020 11:25

by Paul Cot


A strange glitch has been discovered in Pokemon Go where you can play the game in the Rocket Radar view.

It appears the glitch is purely visual though, so there is no in-game benefit to using it. The same number of Pokemon spawn regardless of the view you are in.

If anything it seems to hinder as how far you can view on the map is slightly decreased. Nevertheless, it’s interesting to experience the Pokemon Go world in an alternative view.

How to enable the glitched view

The glitch was found by LovelyPandarino who shared how to enable it. To make it work you’ll need a Rocket Radar available. Here are the steps:


  1. Tap the Rocket Radar and PokeStop/gym at the same time
  2. You’ll enter the PokeStop/gym and it’ll look glitched (it will have the Rocket Radar look about it, if it doesn’t try step 1 again)
  3. Leave the PokeStop/gym and you’ll see the Rocket Radar view remain but with the Pokemon Go UI over the top of it
  4. Tap the Rocket Radar to actually enter Rocket Radar mode
  5. Leave Rocket Radar mode and the game should be fully playable in it

LovelyPandarino says they have achieved this glitch using both PokeStops and gyms and also tried it on multiple phones. Others also confirmed it was working in the comments.

Rocket Radar Glitch
What the Rocket Radar glitch looks like…

How to find a Rocket Radar

Rocket Radars can either be bought or earned. They cost 20 PokeCoins or are earned from obtaining six Mysterious Components.

These can only be found when you defeat a Team GO Rocket Grunt. These Grunts are sporadically found at PokeStops where their presence is indicated by the spinning disc changing to darkish color. When it’s this color and you spin it, the Grunt will challenge you.

While they do have some high CP Pokemon, most of them are early evolutions so they shouldn’t cause you too much trouble. They are also all similar types, so assembling a team of their counters is not only easy but makes defeating them a breeze.


Funnily enough though, the Rocket Radar’s purpose isn’t a glitch that Niantic probably didn’t intend. Instead, it entitles you to a battle with one of the three Team GO Rocket leaders – Arlo, Cliff or Sierra.

These are naturally more challenging battles and if you defeat all three of them within the confines of the Team Rocket special research, you’ll earn yourself an encounter with the boss himself, Giovanni.

Niantic haven’t commented on the glitch but it’ll be interesting to see if they patch it out in a future update.