Gen 3 beta leaks fascinating details about Pokemon Ruby Sapphire Emerald

Published: 20/May/2020 23:07

by Paul Cot


The Pokemon leaks keep coming. The latest batch reveals fascinating details about what could have been in the Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald games.

It isn’t clear where these leaks originated from. There have been rumors the leaks surfaced a while ago but have only been released now.

What’s more is there could be a lot more to come. For now though, we have to make do with what could be a glimpse of yet more intriguing details into the history of Pokemon games.

What we know so far has been summarized by Pokemon leaker Eclipse.

Ruby Sapphire release date

One of the most interesting tidbits was when Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire was supposed to release. The Gen 3 game was originally released on November 21, 2002.

According to the leaks though, it was supposedly scheduled for March 17, 2003, but was released four months earlier because the development of the game was completed ahead of time.

Pokemon Ruby Sapphire Art
Pokemon Company
Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire were so popular that remakes in the form of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire were released in 2014…

Jirachi and Deoxys

Jirachi and the enigmatic Deoxys were the two Mythical Pokemon from the Hoenn region. During the build-up to the game that wasn’t their names, however.

Their beta/prototype names were Ganboo instead of Jirachi and Jiigen for Deoxys. We don’t know if these were ever intended to be their final names but they were obviously changed before the games released.

Lost Pokemon

Ever since the earliest Pokemon games there have been scrapped Pokemon. A previous leak revealed 14 Pokemon that could have been in Red and Blue. This isn’t particularly surprising given some designs will inevitably fall short of the standards required to be included.

What is surprising though, is the sheer number of ones apparently scrapped from Gen 3. Reportedly, there were 68 tentatively included that were never released! Unfortunately, we don’t have their designs, but they could surface at any time.

Combining moves

Elsewhere, there could have been a completely different dynamic to battles with the potential of combining moves. One example of this is Ember and Gust combined to make the move Heat Wave.

Technically this isn’t new news as, as Eclipse points out, this information can be found in the final Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald code. Nevertheless, it’s a riveting feature that could have altered Pokemon battles for future generations.

The entirety of Eclipse’s thread can be found on Twitter. They regularly share other interesting Pokemon details and they are quite an aficionado on the franchise.

The above could just be a sneak peek of more to come, much like the gradual nature of the Pokemon Gold and Silver leaks from the second Space World demo. We certainly hope more details follow.


Bizarre Pokemon Journeys episode goes viral for “cruel” Blaziken scene

Published: 2/Dec/2020 0:57

by Brent Koepp


A November episode of the Pokemon Journeys anime went viral after fans discovered it included a bizarre scene featuring Blaziken. The strange sequences force the Gen III ‘mon into a “cruel” situation that has left some viewers disturbed.

Pokemon Journeys made its debut in Japan in November 2019. The latest anime in the long-running series follows protagonist Ash Ketchum and new character Goh as they travel across the game’s eight regions.

An episode that aired in November 2020 has made waves online after a scene featuring a bizarre food contest went viral. Fans of the Nintendo property were left unsettled after a Blaziken is forced to eat his own species – well, sort of.

Screenshot from Pokemon Journeys anime.
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
The Pokemon Journeys episode featured unusual food in it.

Bizarre Pokemon Journeys scene goes viral

In the November 27 episode of the Pokemon Journeys anime, Ash and Goh both participate in an eating contest. The competition has Trainers seeing whose ‘mon can consume the most food in the shortest time possible.

However, things took a cruel turn when the final dish served was a cuisine in the shape of Torchic. Blaziken’s appetite quickly turned sour at the thought of eating something shaped like his own species.

The Gen III character then stood up and quit the contest after shedding a tear. The incredibly strange cannibalism-like dilemma went viral after being uploaded to Reddit on November 30.

Blaziken was dominating the food eating contest but then.. from pokemon

While the Torchic are technically a dessert item, the scene left some fans feeling disturbed or sympathetic towards the Pokemon’s plight. “I feel you Blaziken, being forced to eat your kind is cruel,” one fan wrote. Another user exclaimed “Who’s the sick b****rd that decided to try to make a Blaziken eat Torchics?”

Pokemon fans react to the disturbing anime scene on Reddit.

Despite only having aired in Japan, the scene quickly spread online as the community found it both be hilarious and creepy. Popular artist ‘popemadara‘ made a comedic drawing that went viral on Twitter that depicts other Pokemon in the same dilemma as Blaziken.

While it’s true that people eat human-shaped edibles called gingerbread men, the Torchic food item was disturbingly detailed. If nothing else, the situation showed that the Fire-type monster has a softer side.

Pokemon Journeys is currently still airing in Japan, however North American viewers can catch the first half of the series now on Netflix which is broken up into Part 1 and 2.