Crazy coincidence sees trainer reunited with Pokemon from 20 years ago

. 2 years ago

It has been 20 years since one trainer last saw their Pokemon from Pokemon Stadium but, due to a truly freak coincidence, they have been reunited once again.

Ever bought a game and it wasn’t quite as described? Well, that’s how this story starts.

Nintendo 64 cartridges work a little different to CDs of today, whereby they were often marked to identify them. This obviously devalued them somewhat, but that didn’t deter many from marking them anyway.

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The chosen Sam

DerekRRose took to Twitter to complain about buying Pokemon Stadium and it not coming as the picture showed. On the game art it said “this game pak belongs to SamG”, which prompted users to say he got “SamG’d” – pretty funny.

However, another Twitter user then tagged someone by the name of Sam G and that’s where things started to get really interesting.

Although the Sam in question wasn’t the seller, he suspected that he may have owned the game at some point. After some back and forth questions about the Pokemon left on the game – a Fearow named INVINCABLE and a Charizard that knew “a suspicious lack of moves” – they took the conversation over to private messaging.

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That’s where they did indeed discover that was once Sam’s Pokemon Stadium again – a ridiculous coincidence considering the many Sam G’s that are out there. “My copy of Pokemon Stadium from 2000 (!) was bought by this guy, a mutual connected us, and now I have the Pokémon from that game today,” Sam announced on Twitter.

Sending 20 year old Pokemon

Derek then went one step further, wanting to give Sam some of his old Pokemon. It isn’t clear how this conversation went but Derek did send a Hitmonchan (and others) from the cartridge itself to Sam’s Pokemon Sword and Shield game.

“With the power of a cartridge dumper and a hacked 3DS I was able to reunite someone with three 20-year-old Pokémon from their childhood, saved onto a copy of Pokémon Stadium that they sold in 2003, that I bought off eBay, that wasn’t even the cartridge in the auction photo.” So, even after identifying the person that used to own the cartridge, the transfer process was far from easy.

All of this arose from having a mutual Twitter connection, too. There are many crazy instances in the world of Pokemon but this may just top them all!

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