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Pokemon Go Buddy Adventure: Excited without a Poffin

Published: 27/Dec/2019 14:12 Updated: 27/Dec/2019 14:14

by Paul Cot


Since Niantic introduced the new, revamped Pokemon Go Buddy Adventure system, trainers have been trying to get their buddy excited without the use of a Poffin. There has been a lot of discussion about it but finally there may be a conclusive answer.

Initially, Pokemon Go trainers thought the use of the new Poffin item was the only way to get your buddy excited. For those unaware of how the new system works, you can read our full Pokemon Go Buddy Adventure guide but getting your buddy excited allows you to get double the hearts on a given day, making them rank up through the buddy levels twice as fast.


The Poffin itself is a special treat that can only be bought (that we know of) in the PokeShop. It costs 100 PokeCoins, which is essentially two days worth of defending gyms. Alternatively, you can buy purchase the PokeCoins with real money, of course.

The Poffin is the first item you’ll see in the Pokemon Go store…

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How to get excited without a Poffin

There have been numerous reports, or findings, as to how you can achieve excited status without a Poffin. A lot of these have been unconfirmed and had varied success rates between trainers, though.

However, one trainer looks like they have cracked the code and have produced details which seem to work for everyone. They aren’t easy, though! It looks Pokemon Go really want you to buy those Poffins.


Twitter user 7eveen_, via Go Hub, shared an image which seems to explain why it has been so difficult to figure it out until now. Apparently you need to accumulate 32 points of worth of interactions, based on the point system shown in the image below.

@7eveen_Is this how to get your Buddy Pokemon excited without a Poffin?

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Each action does have a 30 minute cooldown, which may explain why trainers were getting varied results in the above tests. So, if you could take 32 snapshots, as one example, in a 30 minute period then you would achieve excited status. Even a task as simple as this isn’t easy to complete in such a short time frame.


List of interactions

The tasks and their respective points are as follows:

  • Visit a new location – 1
  • Walk 2 km – 3
  • Feed your buddy – 1
  • Play with your buddy – 1
  • Take a Snapshot of the buddy – 3
  • Open a Souvenir/Present – 3
  • Visit a Location found by your buddy – 3

Elsewhere, one trainer reported getting excited status by visiting 20 new PokeStops but others have said this didn’t work for them. Another commented sharing that their buddy was excited without even needing to change their location but they have previously walked 180km with it. Another trainer said they achieved excited status by completing various activities.

There may be more methods the only we have listed above but as yet they haven’t materialized. One thing is for sure though, getting your buddy excited isn’t just a walk in the park.