Epic Shiny Meltan haul makes Pokemon Go players jealous

Cassidy Stephenson
How Get Shiny Meltan Pokemon Go

A Pokemon Go trainer has showed off their impeccable Shiny luck after opening a Meltan Mystery Box, resulting in many envious players.

Introduced in 2018, Mystery Boxes work similarly to Incense by attracting Meltan to your location for one hour. Meltan is a Steel-type Mythical Pokemon that marked the first new creature to debut in the mobile game.

The only way to obtain a Shiny Meltan is by using Mystery Boxes, which can be unlocked by transferring Pokemon caught in Go to your Pokemon Home account. After using one, there will be a three-day cooldown period until you can use it again.

Typically, players will celebrate if they catch a single Shiny Pokemon. However, this trainer defied all odds by capturing multiple Shiny Meltan.

An extremely lucky Pokemon Go player posted their catches on the game’s subreddit. In a single Mystery Box, they managed to catch not just one Shiny Meltan, but six of them all at once.

“Yet I’ve done two boxes in this event and am batting .000 on shinies,” one player lamented.

The event in reference is Pokemon Go’s 8th Anniversary Party, which runs from June 28, 2024, to July 3, 2024. Shiny Meltan can only be encountered during

couldn’t appear as Shiny from Mystery Boxes except during special events like the 8th Anniversary and the Let’s Go! celebration.

“I can’t even get one shiny and I’ve opened a box everyday since this event started,” another person added.

According to one commenter, the odds of finding a Shiny Meltan are 1 out of every 64 encounters, meaning the OP got incredibly lucky.

In response, other trainers have questioned if the post author’s Shiny haul was actually real. “It can happen. I caught 4 shinies today in 1 box. There was a 5th but it ran away from the Go++ autocatcher and after I saw that I turned it off and checked manually,” a third player revealed.

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