Competitive Pokemon player asks for strats to “demolish” a 4th grade party

Em Stonham
Murkrow from Pokemon anime.

Pokemon players can be pretty competitive. As such, one player took to social media lately to ask for help with a plan to utterly destroy a group of 4th graders at Pokemon.

Whether you’re talking about the Pokemon trading cards or the video games, it’s safe to say that there are a lot of competitive people in the Pokemon community.

One competitive Pokemon player took to social media lately to ask other fans for help developing the perfect strategy to beat a bunch of 4th graders at a Pokemon party. The other Pokemon fans in r/pokemon and r/stunfisk were only too happy to oblige.

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Originally popping up in this Reddit post, Pokemon player AdRevolutionary2583 shared their plan to “demolish a group of 4th graders” at competitive Pokemon. They shared that their mother, a teacher, is planning to host a Pokemon party and that they’ve been asked to help by battling the kids.

The original poster asked other Pokemon fans to chip in with ideas for a solid team, noting that the children’s teams “won’t be super thought out, probably just a bunch of legendaries” and that having unexpected ‘mons on their team could be a bonus.

OP also assured readers that the kids would only have to take part if they wanted to, that there would be other kinds of entertainment, and that they’d be given Pokemon cards and candy for taking part.

Some Pokemon fans were absolutely on board with the plan to act as reigning Champion, with one person joking that, “I just want to say I support your cause of decimating the kids teams lol” and another saying “Gotta catch ‘em all? No. Gotta keep ‘em humble!”

Various suggestions were made for teams and builds, with a Trick Room set-up being a common suggestion. The Pokemon that were recommended include Maushold, Torkoal, and Jumpluff, and many readers suggested looking into rental teams – especially Double teams.

OP popped up again in another Reddit post sometime later, sharing their team idea and asking for further input from the competitive Pokemon players in r/stunfisk.

The Pokemon that OP seems to be set on for their mission include Chi-Yu, Murkrow, and Azurmarill, with Hydreigon and Alolan Ninetales as possible team members too.

They received a handful of other suggestions from fellow players with Pokemon names, team comp ideas, and recommended items. It’s safe to say that AdRevolutionary2583 is set up and ready to go for this party – hopefully they went with the suggested idea of making Gym Badges for the kids to win, too.

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