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Can we expect more Pokemon Sword and Shield DLCs down the line?

Published: 18/Feb/2020 12:58

by Paul Cot


We’re still awaiting the first Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion pack DLC, but there already murmurings there could be several more to follow.

The Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion pass was announced at the January 9 Pokemon Direct. This included two DLCs and the first of those – The Isle of Armor – is set to be released in June 2020.

The second DLC – The Crown Tundra – has a more open release window of fall 2020. This is particularly interesting as this would be getting close to a potential 2020 Pokemon game.

Pokemon Company
Two Pokemon Sword and Shield DLCs have already been confirmed – will there be more?

Nintendo to skip 2020?

Before it was all but a certainty a brand new title would release in 2020. After all, it seems that no matter what game is made, it will sell well.


However, with a new Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC releasing relatively close to the usual November window for a new game, the likelihood of a new 2020 title has justifiably been called into question. Could Nintendo and the Pokemon Company alike skip a 2020 release altogether?

With rumors already circulating of a third Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion, yes, it’s entirely possible we won’t see a new game in 2020. This source suggests a third DLC could release in the summer of 2021, with a new title coming in the customary slot of fall 2021.

What games could release alongside a Sword Shield DLC?

If this is true, it looks like the developers will continue to prioritize Pokemon Sword and Shield. This doesn’t rule out the possibility of a new game, as a Pokemon Diamond & Pearl remake and a Johto version of Pokemon Let’s Go both loom.


The question becomes will Nintendo pull double duty, releasing Sword and Shield expansions alongside a brand new game. This would take a lot of resource but more importantly each of them could draw sales away from one another.

Pokemon Let’s Go proved it’s a worthy title in of itself, so this would seemingly be the less likely of the two. However, a Gen 4 remake does make more sense.

If it is a pure remaster whereby nothing is changed other than the graphics, then it might be justifiable to release it alongside the Sword and Shield expansions. On the other hand, if they decide to go above and beyond, and really make any remake feel brand new, then trainers might be forced to wait a lot longer yet.


We’ll have to wait and see how this plays out but one thing is for sure 2020 will be very interesting for the Pokemon community. Maybe we’ll get a surprise announcement on this year’s Pokemon Day!