Battle passes could be coming to Pokemon Go according to data miner

Zackerie Fairfax
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PokeMiners recently uncovered a new item in Pokemon Go that hints at the addition of an upcoming paid battle pass.

Niantic has found a way to monetize just about every aspect of the immensely popular Pokemon Go. From incense that spawn Pokemon to passes for battling and potions for healing, players can choose to spend real money to acquire these items faster than they could for free.

Niantic even sells tickets for events and limited-time cosmetic items to encourage purchases “before it’s too late.” But one feature that’s been missing is the all-too-familiar battle pass.

Popularized by Fortnite’s ever-evolving battle pass formula, many free-to-pay games offer a battle pass with exclusive items to bring in money and encourage players to grind out tiers. And it seems like it’s Pokemon Go’s turn to take a crack at the BP.

Pokemon Go battle pass ticket data mined

According to the notable data mining group PokeMiners, an item called the ‘Battle Pass Ticket’ was added to the game on August 3. Soon thereafter, players began to theorize what a Pokemon Go battle pass could look like.

Many users suggested a battle pass with player outfits, poses, special costumed Pokemon, and rare items would be a great addition to the game. One user commented, “This could be a super exciting addition depending on how this is implemented.”

While a number of players were optimistic, there were those who couldn’t see Niantic offering much value. “Knowing Niantic they will probably give poffins, an incense (that only lasts 10 minutes), berries, Pokeballs, and 100 poke coins for the higher tier,” a user guessed.

Other Pokemon Go players pointed out that there was a free battle pass in March for the interlude season of the Go Battle League. However, it only rewarded stardust for each win. These players theorized it would be a paid version of this with better rewards.

Regardless, it seems as if Niantic will be bringing a paid battle pass to Pokemon Go in some form or another. Maybe players will get to unlock worthwhile rewards via tiers. Only time will tell.

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