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6 Pokemon that need to return in Sword & Shield DLC

Published: 22/Jan/2020 10:31

by David Purcell


Game Freak have confirmed that a boat load of Pokemon from previous games are headed to the Galar Region as part of their expansion pass DLC, and there’s exactly six that we’re hoping don’t miss out. 

Those that forked out to purchase Pokemon Sword and Shield will know that there’s no way of completing the National Pokedex this time around, but after facing stern criticism from the community, the game’s developers have performed a u-turn of sorts.

It’s been confirmed that over 200 from other generations will be part of the expansion pass content, which should compliment a bunch of never before seen Pokemon in the Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra.


Nirodan showed up in Game Freak's Pokemon Direct
A number of original Pokemon were confirmed as part of the expansion pass at Pokemon Direct on January 9.

We already know about some new legendaries, but these old characters shouldn’t be forgotten when the updates finally come around.

Let’s take a look at the six selected for our list – and of course, each selection’s different evolution forms are included included in the decision.


Ampharos in the field with Mareeps
Ampharos and its other forms would be a fantastic addition in the DLC.

This Pokemon starts out as what appears to be a pretty harmless sheep, Mareep, and then evolves to Flaafy, but those who have ever had an Ampharos on their side in battle will know that it’s one of the best electric-types around.

First introduced in the second generation, Ampharos has been a mainstay of the series – until Sword and Shield, of course. We’ve already seen just how strong it can be when it has Mega Evolved, so how about seeing one of these Gigantamax next?



Dragonite ready for battle in Pokemon
Dragonite would be a welcome arrival in Sword and Shield.

One of the most popular Pokemon not only from the original 151, but of all-time, is Dragonite.

It might be something of a slog for trainers to get ahold of this dragon/flying-type, as it too is a final form in its evolution chain, but if there’s something we know already about the Galar Region it’s that high level Pokemon aren’t uncommon. Take the Wild Area, for example.

Should there be a similar high-level zone in the Isle of Armor or The Crown Tundra, we’ll be expecting to see a few Dragonites flying around with its little wings – that’s for sure.



Blaziken in Pokemon's anime
Pokemon Company
Blaziken is one of the most popular starter evolutions the series has ever seen.

Everybody has their own favorite Pokemon game, whether it be one of the first ever titles like Pokemon Yellow, or something a bit more up to date like Pokemon X or Y, but one thing is for sure… Many who played Ruby and Sapphire fell in love with one of the starters.

That starter, of course, was Torchic! The fire-type option of the Hoenn region is one of the most popular starting Pokemon the video games have ever offered, evolving into Combusken at level 16 and eventually the mighty Blaziken at level 36 – which is quite the transformation for what began as a small bird.


It soon turns into a powerful form with a perfect blend of fighting and fire moves, and it’s about time we saw it in Sword and Shield too.


Scizor chasing Gliscor in Pokemon anime
Scizor (left) is one of the strongest bug-types in Pokemon history.

Scizor is one of those Pokemon that fans might not have really expected to evolve from Scyther at first. It looked nothing like its first form when it burst onto the scene in Gen 2, kitted out with its metallic exoskeleton.

However, once players were informed about Scyther’s evolved form, there was no waiting around before they could get their hands on one – searching far and wide for a Metal Coat item to apply to their Pokemon. Scizor was arguably the first prominent figure to be a steel type in the games, unique actually as it is both steel and bug, therefore there’s no doubt that many would like to see it feature in the latest installments too.



Salamence rising high in Pokemon
Salamence, Bagon and Sheldon will surely be coming to Sword & Shield soon.

Salamence is one of the Gen 3 fan favorites, but it’s not only this evolution that’s popular – trainers are very fond of both Bagon and Shelgon, too.

Guess you could say they flew onto the scene in Gen 3, but really it was only Salamence who had wings to fly and it was quite the grind to get yourself to that point.


Luxray gets into battle position
Luxray is our final pick and let’s face it, not many would complain if it was added soon.

Last, but certainly not least, is this powerful electric-type Pokemon.

It starts out as a very little Shinx, resembling a kitten or a lion cub, but things get more exciting once it evolves into Luxio and eventually Luxray – where it’s able to learn moves such as Crunch, Discharge, Wild Charge and more.

Thus far, it hasn’t been seen in the Galar Region and is unconfirmed for the nearby areas that will be unlocked through DLC, but for us, this would be a perfect evolution chain to bring back in the new games.

Will it, or any of our other selections, actually appear in Sword and Shield though? Well, let’s wait and see.