YouTuber ‘hacks’ Overwatch to control Sombra with Nintendo Power Glove

Blizzard Entertainment

One Overwatch player and tinkerer has managed to come up with a way to play Sombra using nothing more than Nintendo’s iconic Power Glove controller.

Ever since Overwatch came out in 2016, players have come up with countless creative controllers to attempt to play the game with.

Examples include using an Xbox Kinect to control Moira with Naruto Running, using a teapot and teabag to play Ana, and controlling Brigitte using a frozen pizza and baguette.

Sombra Face Changer skin in OverwatchBlizzard Entertainment
Sombra has finally been honored with her own outrageous Overwatch controller.

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Now, it’s Sombra’s turn to get her own untraditional Overwatch controller, and YouTuber Super Louis 64 came up with the perfect item to control the hacker: Nintendo’s Power Glove.

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Super Louis didn’t actually have to ‘hack’ the Power Glove to make it work with Overwatch, but he did have to program it to make his PC recognize the over 20-year-old device.

The Power Glove is widely considered one of the worst video game controllers to ever be produced, it’s janky, unresponsive, and barely seems to work half the time, but it’s become somewhat of an icon for 80s nostalgia and gaming.

“I decided to pick Sombra from Overwatch because I feel like that’s the character we all thought we were when we played with the Power Glove,” Super Louis explained. “We imagined ourselves being some high-tech hacker, dangling our fingers to control a game, but it’s also similar to how Sombra hacks the environment.”

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To aim, Louis has to move the glove around and because of the Power Glove’s notorious unreliability, even getting the crosshairs where you want them to go takes some practice.

A button on the wrist deploys her Translocator and to go stealth, he simply has to wave his hand in front of his face like Sombra does. Whether it will actually activate the ability is another story altogether though.

The coolest part about the Power Glove controller has to be how you hack with it. Just like the DPS hero, you type in the air with your fingers which activates the hack. Something every Sombra player has imagined doing at least once.

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Even with the Power Gloves reputation, Louis said he was “shocked” with how well he played and revealed he’s officially won more Overwatch games with that than his keyboard and mouse.

“It’s an honor to play Overwatch with such a classic controller,” the YouTuber reflected. “It’s got charm to it, you know? It was a cool idea that was ahead of its time when it came out.”

His creation definitely takes a place in the Overwatch Crazy Controller Hall of Fame, because hacking enemies with the Power Glove is as close to being Sombra in real life as most of us will get.

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