xQc reveals his true feelings for Mercy during Overwatch match

Blizzard Entertainment

During a stream on April 29 Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel shared his feelings on Mercy, who for some reason has become one of the most divisive heroes in Overwatch.

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Mercy has been around since day one in Overwatch, but like a lot of other heroes she’s gone through significant changes during the life of the game.

Changes to her ultimate and other updates have made her a much different hero than she was in the early days of Overwatch.

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xQc isn’t known as a Mercy player, and during a stream on April 29 he made his true feelings for the hero known.

BlizzardRemember when Mercy could Resurrect everyone at once?
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What did Mercy do to xQc?

Felix makes it clear he’s not a fan of Angela from the very beginning of the clip, “the concept of Mercy just annoys the fuck out of me.”

“Am I not the only person that gets incoherently triggered by the whole way Mercy moves and talks and does her abilities?” xQc asked chat. “Just the way the whole character operates. I hate it.”

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Beyond how she looks and acts in game, xQc doesn’t really go into why he doesn’t like Mercy, just that she really seems to trigger him.

“Like I’m there dude like Moving jumping and all that,” he said while doing his best impression of Winston’s Tesla Cannon, before mocking how Mercy floats around the battlefield.

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Is Mercy really that bad?

Like all Overwatch heroes every player seems to have a different opinion on Mercy and her place in the game.

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Even though Felix may not be able to stand Mercy, there are plenty of people that still love the healer and are looking forward to her brand new skin for the Overwatch League All Star Weekend.

The Overwatch League All Star Weekend starts on Thursday, May 16, so the new Mercy and Lucio skins should become available sometime before then.

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