Overwatch Workshop mode takes Capture the Flag to new heights

Thanks to the Workshop, there’s a whole new player-created Overwatch game mode that takes traditional Capture the Flag to the next level – literally.

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Overwatch has had a Capture the Flag mode, in some form, since “Capture the Rooster” from the Year of the Rooster event in 2017.

Now, CTF is in semi-regular rotation in the Overwatch Arcade, but Reddit user popular Mountain Climbing Workshop mode, decided to take the game mode to new heights.

Blizzard EntertainmentCapture the Flag is a popular Arcade mode, especially during Lunar New Year.
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It’s boop, or be booped

Jeyzor’s new mode, made in the workshop, is called “Steal from the Trainwrecks,” and it’s essentially two teams playing Capture the Flag in the train cars high above Route 66.

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With jump pads on both trains, teams have to launch themselves over a gap to the other car and try to bring back the “treasure” from inside the train back to their point.

Each team is made up of five players, and there are nine heroes to choose from. Jeyzor has also given several of the heroes new abilities to increase their chance of getting an environmental kill.

For example, Pharah and Soldier’s ultimates both deal knockback, and Brigitte’s ultimate is the only time her Rocket Flail is available to send opponents flying.

For players who want to try out Jeyzor’s wild new take on Capture the Flag, the Workshop code is: 3RB6C.

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Is Workshop the best thing to happen to Overwatch?

Since the Workshop mode became available to players on Overwatch’s PTR, there has been an entire mountain range of original content produced, which has led some players to call it the best thing to happen to Overwatch in awhile.

According to Blizzard, the most popular user-made Workshop mode so far is UNO, surprisingly enough. There’s just something about playing the classic card game with Overwatch heroes.

With players just beginning to unlock all of the Workshop’s potential, we’re sure to see even more mind-blowing custom creations coming soon.