Voice actor for Overwatch’s 31st hero Sigma worked on Guardians of the Galaxy

Boris Hiestand / Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s latest hero Sigma was finally revealed on July 22 after many teases, and the actor who voices him also worked on many movies including Guardians of the Galaxy.

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Blizzard finally officially announced Overwatch’s latest hero to join the fight is none other than the long-speculated Sigma. 

After releasing an intense origin video on July 22, the search for the voice actor started. After a hunt from fans, it’s been revealed that the ‘astrophysicist gone mad’ will be voiced by an industry veteran.

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Who is voicing Sigma?

Roadhog’s voice actor Josh Petersdorf revealed that the person voicing Sigma is none other than Boris Hiestand – who has many credits as both an actor, and an animator. 

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His credits as a voice actor include BioWare’s Anthem, and Lord of the Fallen, as well as many as an animator from films as big as Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and Harry Potter.

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While Hiestand is still relatively new to voice acting, he’s had a long history in animation, which seems to be a good pairing for Overwatch.

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Based on the official origin video for Sigma, it looks like the actor and animator will be giving us an intense performance. 

The voice actor hasn’t said much about his work with Sigma, except for a single tweet saying: “Sigma is coming.”

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Boris will no doubt be welcomed into the Overwatch voice actor family with open arms. We’ll update you with any incoming Sigma news as it happens.