Voice actor for McCree talks about how he got the role and making new "Reunion" short - Dexerto

Voice actor for McCree talks about how he got the role and making new “Reunion” short

Published: 6/Nov/2018 21:23 Updated: 6/Nov/2018 21:44

by Bill Cooney


McCree was one of the stars of BlizzCon last weekend and after the new animated short “Reunion” debuted during the opening ceremony, the hero’s voice actor, Matt Mercer, sat down with Overwatch streamer Jeff ‘emongg’ Anderson to talk about the role and the making of the short.

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Mercer is an accomplished voice actor already, but when he saw the role for McCree was auditioning, he said he got really excited.

“When the audition came through I was like ‘I know this art, I know this character!’ so I began to just practice on it,” he tells the streamer.


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After going through some examples, Mercer explains in McCree’s voice that the hero’s “voice just kind of rests in this comfortable area in the back of the throat.”

The voice actor also talked about making the new Reunion cinematic, “I was so excited because we recorded that a little over a year ago.”

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“Sitting on that for all that time like ‘I want to see it done,'” an excited Mercer tells emongg about how happy he was to see the finished product revealed to fans.

Reunion was introduced at BlizzCon and gave fans their first look at Overwatch’s newest hero: Ashe, who hit the PTR on November 5.


With “Reunion” already in the works over a year ago, you have to wonder what the Overwatch team is working on in the lab right now.