Top tips for best Overwatch Support pairings

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Support is a vital role in Overwatch and one that every player will most likely have to play, at least once in a while. Here are some of the best pairings if you happen to be playing it and want to make the ideal composition. 

The Support role is definitely the backbone of any team in Overwatch – without it, there’s almost no chance to win as the healing, shields, and utility support characters bring are vital to any extended fight.

With there being seven support characters and 31 heroes overall, it’s easy to be unsure which is best to pick in which situation. However, we’ve put together a quick list of all the best pairings, so you can always pick the best combo for any situation.

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There are many different supports in Overwatch and they all excel at different tasks.

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Reddit user neck_crow shared a comprehensive list of the best pairings, amazingly highlighting the strength and weaknesses of each one. Let’s dive right in and see what’s best with every hero.


Ana pairs best with Lúcio, Mercy, and Brigitte. This is because while her kit is strong, she’s not the best at staying alive solo or peeling. Therefore, she needs another support that can help her stay alive if needed and can also peel for themselves or other members of the team.


Blizzard Entertainment
Baptiste is the newest Overwatch Support hero.

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Baptiste is best used with Mercy and Brigitte. One of his biggest weaknesses comes in keeping up with mobile heroes, so you’re best off taking care of the tanks while someone who can easily keep up with the likes of Genji focuses on them.


Brigitte is perhaps the most versatile support in the game and can be played with practically everyone, but the best options are Ana, Baptiste, Mercy, and Moira.

She’s very good against dive compositions and can easily focus on damage and utility or high healing depending on the situation, so really you can make her work with anyone. Brigitte is generally a safe pick if you’re unsure of the comps or not confident with other supports.


Lucio is one of the most popular Overwatch Supports.

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Lúcio is best paired with Ana and Moira. The main usage of this hero is his speed boost, rather than his passive healing, meaning he needs to be played with someone that has incredibly strong healing. Ana and Moira are the two of the best choices, as it allows you to focus on speeding up teammates and using your utility rather than healing.


It’s best to use Mercy with a dedicated healer like Ana or Baptiste, as this allows you to not only output healing, but also make use of your damage boost to help eliminate the enemies.

Moira could be a solid choice too as she does have high healing, but, then you would be extremely low on utility, so it’s best to pick one of the others.


Overwatch support hero Moira demonstrating her mix of healing and damaging abilities.
Blizzard - Overwatch
Moira can bring a strong mix of healing and damage.

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Moira pairs best with Lúcio and Brigitte. This is because she has high healing and solid damage, making her a perfect combo in comps that focus on fighting. Both Lúcio and Brigitte also excel in those compositions, meaning having two of those three will bring a deadly mix of damage, utility, and healing.


Last but not least comes Zenyatta. The best pair for Zenyatta is Baptiste as Zen doesn’t do much healing and is best for compositions based around killing the enemy quickly, while Baptiste can keep your tanks alive during fights.

Baptiste perfectly fills the hole Zenyatta leaves and his Discord ability will give your team a ton more damage.

Now that you know the best combos, it’s time to get out there, support your team, and secure some easy wins.

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