Top 5 Sigma ultimate combos to carry your ranked Overwatch games

. 3 years ago
Blizzard Entertainment

Sigma is the newest Overwatch hero and his ultimate is definitely powerful on it’s own, but can be even deadlier when combined with other hero’s abilities.

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The 31st hero to join Overwatch, Sigma operates as a powerful tank hero who’s more than capable of dealing out large amounts of damage.

His Gravitic Flux ultimate ability lets Sigma lift up any enemy caught in the field for a few seconds before slamming them down onto the ground and players have found that it can be combined with quite a few other ultimates.

There are a lot more Sigma ultimate combos then we have room to write about, so here are five of the best ones we’ve found so far.

Blizzard Entertainment
The age of Sigma has begun in Overwatch (or will, when he finally gets released from the PTR).
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5. Doomfist and Sigma AKA The Sigma Slam Dunk

Doomfist and Sigma both have ultimates that target a specific area on the ground, where Sigma raises heroes up before smashing them, Doomfist’s Meteor Strike launches the hero down to deal damage.

But remember, Sigma’s ultimate slams enemies down too, so if you can get your timing down and have Doom’s ultimate hit at the same time opponents are being slammed by Sigma, you’re going to do a fair amount of damage.

Credit to TGN and OWTREYALP on YouTube for the clip.


4. Sigma EMP

No matter what the Overwatch meta is, Sombra always seems to be able to sneak her way into team lineups and it doesn’t look like it will be any different when Sigma arrives from the PTR.

EMP and Gravitic Flux combine to both damage the enemy characters and prevent them from using any abilities, which should make them easy pickings for you and your team to clean up.

Credit to TGN and OWTREYALP on YouTube for this clip as well.


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3. Sigma & Wrecking Ball AKA the minefield suplex

Good news for all you Hammond fans out there, his ultimate goes great with Sigma’s as well.

On paper, this strategy is pretty simple: just roll under the enemy team while their up in the air, release your mines, then watch the fireworks when the opposing team gets slammed down into them.

In a pinch or if Hammond doesn’t have ultimate, you can also Piledrive into the enemy team when they come down – it might not finish them off, but it will soften them up quite a bit.

Credit to Titop on YouTube for the clip.

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2. Sigma High Noon

Here’s one you may have seen before, but it’s definitely one of the more flashy Sigma ultimate combos.

This one is a pretty simple concept as well. Simply activate High Noon to start getting a lock, then have Sigma throw as many players as possible into the air before activating it.

Ideally you should be able to get at least a few kills as the enemy players try to figure out what the heck is going on.

Credit to Iceman9009 on YouTube for the clip.

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1. Sigma D.Va Bomb

Last, but certainly not least we have D.Va’s Self Destruct paired with Sigma’s ultimate.

There are a few variations on how to pull this one off floating around out there, but the most effective way seems to be getting D.Va’s mech to explode either slightly above or below where enemies are being held in the air.

This prevents Brigitte or Reinhardt from being able to use their shield to block the damage (in theory), plus it just looks really cool.

Finally, all those hours D.Va mains have spent refining their Self destruct trajectories is paying off.

Credit to Reddit user NumerousHumor for the clip.

Like we said, there are plenty more heroes who can combine their ultimates with Sigma to devastating effect, so it will be interesting to see what happens in the meta game when he’s finally introduced.

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