Titans’ Haskal dominates the Mayhem, setting a new Overwatch League record

Robert Paul/Blizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch League’s new 2-2-2 Role Lock finally ended the long reign of the GOATs meta, for better or worse, and is finally letting DPS players shine in the roles they were meant for.

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Stage 4 of the Overwatch League kicked off on Thursday, July 25 and it’s the first time we got to see the 2-2-2 Role Lock in action, especially for those that don’t have access to the PTR.

It seemed like it was the first weekend in a long time where we got to see DPS players do what they do best – instead of being stuck on Brigitte or the odd Sombra pick.

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Robert Paul for Blizzard EntertainmentThe Titans won Stage 1 of Overwatch League 2019, and they could be back for more with 2-2-2 in place.
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Haskal’s time to shine

The Vancouver Titans seem eager to take advantage of the new 2-2-2 lock, with convincing wins over the Stage 3 champs Shanghai Dragons (VAN 3-1 SHA) and the Florida Mayhem (VAN 4-0 FLA).

A big part of their success was due to Hyojong ‘Haksal’ Kim’s insane Genji play, which helped the former Runaway players seemingly dominate anyone who dared to challenge them this weekend.

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The GOATs meta didn’t give Haskal much of a chance to shine, as he spent most of the last three stages playing Brigitte. Luckily, Stage 4 has changed all of that.

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Haskal definitely popped off against Shanghai, but it was the match against the struggling Florida Mayhem that really brought out the beast.

He racked up an insane 27 Dragonblade kills during the match against the Mayhem and even set a new Overwatch League record for most Dragonblade kills per 10 minutes.

The former Runaway player might not be in contention for the 2019 League MVP, but he’s definitely showing why a lot of people consider him one of the game’s best cyborg ninjas.

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A weekend for all the DPS players out there

Haskal wasn’t the only Overwatch League player to pop off this weekend with the DPS jailbreak, the Toronto Defiant’s Andreas ‘Logix’ Berghmans had a cheeky play of his own.

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While probably not as impressive as Haskal’s new Genji record, Logix’s quick-thinking spawn switch against the Washington Justice was certainly one of the more entertaining plays from the week.

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With DPS players finally freed from the constraints of GOATs, hopefully that means we’ll get to see even more DPS players frag out like crazy in the weeks to come.