Ticket prices for Overwatch League 2020 home games revealed

Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Every single Overwatch League team will be hosting home games in the 2020 season and tickets for these homestands are already on sale, however, some of the ticket prices may be way too high for some fans. 

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We’ve gone through the first home game for all the teams currently selling tickets and quite a few teams are charging over $200 for two-day general admission. The prices can actually differ quite a bit with Florida’s being on the cheaper side while Paris is asking for nearly $300, but it’s for all three home events.

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The Chinese teams will be selling tickets at a later date, New York is currently dealing with some venue issues and some teams, for whatever reason, say they’re selling tickets, but they redirect their page right back to where it asks you to buy.

Ben Pursell For Blizzard EntertainmentThe Atlanta Reign hosted a homestand event in 2019.
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With all that said, some of these costs, especially for the VIP side, can be justified when you factor in what comes with the VIP tickets.

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The Fuel’s VIP pass contains luxury seats and drink service. Meanwhile Houston is selling booths tickets as part of their experience.

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On the flip side, Boston is selling VIP tickets for $354. The currently venue-less team states on their ticket page that the VIP pass “is reserved for fans who want to be as close to the stage as possible, and that’s YOU.”

They do, however, offer a GM upgrade which includes a meet-and-greet, early arena access and a special item for $75 more.

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For Paris, their VIP tickets are selling for €595. That translates to $659 USD. You are gettin 6 days of Overwatch for that, though. Individual Paris tickets are not yet available.  

With the Defiant and Fusion, they don’t offer any sort of VIP package, but prices increase to nearly $300 the closer you are to the stage maxing out at $278 and $250.

Robert Paul for Blizzard EntertainmentThe LA Valiant hosted the final homestand of the 2019 season.
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REIGN $70 N/A $280
UPRISING $118 + $75 GM add-on $192 (epic) $354
FUEL $65-$215 N/A $275
MAYHEM $56-$116 N/A N/A
OUTLAWS $90-$170 $190-$220 (box/booth) $240 (fanzone)
ETERNAL* €246/$272 €384/$425 €595/$659
FUSION $75-145 $250 (close to stage)
DEFIANT $97-$226 (CDN) $278 (CDN) (close to stage)

*three homestand events

The Vancouver Titans are taking deposits on tickets at $50 for general and $100 for floor tickets, but will actually go on sale in late September according to their site.

It will be interesting to see how/if the prices influence attendance.

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