This Overwatch player got hilariously betrayed by their own teammate

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Sometimes, teammates save the day in Overwatch, but a lot of the time it almost seems like your teammates are a bigger obstacle to winning than the enemy team, which is exactly what happened in this clip posted to Reddit.

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The clip was posted by user Outta_Ammo and shows them playing as Soldier 76 while attacking on Watchpoint Gibraltar.

As Outta_Ammo positions themselves to use Tactical Visor, the Mei on their team decides to put up an Ice Wall and send Soldier straight to his doom.

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As the wall goes up and takes Soldier with it, the enemy D.Va sends a self-destructing mech onto the platform now perfectly equal with Soldier.

After detonating, the mech absolutely destroys poor Soldier and his lifeless body ragdolls hilariously off the platform.

via Gfycat

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We don’t get to see the in-game conversation between Outta_Ammo and his teammate, but hopefully it stayed respectful and constructive, for the Mei’s sake.

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So remember Meins, next time you put up that Ice Wall to protect yourself, make sure you’re not unintentionally putting any teammates in the line of fire.

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