This Overwatch Montage Shows How Reinhardt is Broken

Joe O'Brien. Last updated: Jul 26, 2018

A redditor has created a montage demonstrating the bugs with Overwatch hero Reinhardt.

Reinhardt is one of the most famously bugged characters in the game, a point that fans have raised consistently but has yet to be fully addressed by Blizzard.

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The armored Crusader is one of the game’s original heroes and was for a long time a near permanent feature in compositions, as his sizeable shield offered the best protection for teams, particularly in the earlier days before players really figured out how to make the most of Winston or how to play around the enemy Reinhardt shield.

Despite being something of a fan favorite, unfortunately several aspects of Reinhardt’s kit have long had well-known issues. Both his charge and his Earthshatter ultimate have been plagued with hitbox problems – the former connecting when it shouldn’t, the latter failing to land when it should.

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Redditor u/icekeuter put together a montage of plays, set to “Hard Knock Life”, demonstrating the unfortunate moments that can arise as a result of Reinhardt’s bugs, from full teams seeming immune to Earthshatter to enemies somehow getting “pinned” despite being behind cover.

Blizzard is currently in the process of updating several heroes to make them more viable in the modern state of the game, from recent reworks for Hanzo and Symmetra to an upcoming Torbjörn overhaul. While Reinhardt might not need changing, many fans are undoubtedly hoping that a series of fixes for his existing abilities is somewhere on Blizzard’s to-do list.