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Overwatch • Apr 16, 2019

Incredible Maximilien theme in honor of Overwatch Storm Rising is just as ominous as you'd expect

Incredible Maximilien theme in honor of Overwatch Storm Rising is just as ominous as you'd expect

Overwatch fans are known for their creative genius, yet this time they haven’t dropped an incredibly cool concept skin or cosplay of their own, but a potential theme for Maximilien.


Who is Overwatch's Maximilien?

Maximilien, who isn’t a playable hero in Overwatch, has appeared only as a part of the game’s lore - showing up in the recently released Storm Rising archive for other characters.

Fans have been calling to make Maximilien playable for some time. Blizzard are yet to heed that call, however, the game’s developer may not be able to ignore them for much longer as fans are starting to get pretty creative in developing their own ideas for the character - including giving them a musical background.


Maximilien is a part of the Talon organization - appearing in Doomfists' origin story.

Maximilien's theme

One Reddit user, who goes by the name of The_Daviday, posted an incredibly fitting theme for the character that could be used if they ever make it into the game at some point in the future.

The theme, which has labeled ‘Name Your Price,’ has some serious Godfather vibes to it - matching Maximilien’s eerie, shadowy feel almost perfectly - as seen below.


Fans immediately complimented the composer on their creation, noting how the theme clearly made sense for the character and that they’d enjoyed hearing it. "Very Godfather-like. Keep doing what you're doing, cause I'm liking it,” commented user Sage-the-Fox.

Another picked up on the links between Overwatch and another popular franchise, stating that they were getting a Dishonored feel from the theme. The user added: "Reminds me of the Dishonored 2 theme. Great Job!”

Storm Rising has already given Overwatch a fresh lick of paint, with more than 10 characters, including favorites like Ashe, Bastion, McCree, Moira, and Soldier: 76, all getting new looks based on their origin backstories.

Those skins that have already been revealed can be viewed in our ever-updating post.

Keep following Dexerto for all the latest news about Storm Rising, including the new skins and any game updates that are released by Blizzard during the event.

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