Terrifying Overwatch bug makes Genji’s dashes deal double damage

Michael Gwilliam
Genji dashes in Overwatch
Blizzard Entertainment

A new Overwatch bug has been discovered that turns Genji into an even scarier menace in the backline with a dash capable of doing double damage.

The bug, which has been reported on Reddit and elsewhere, causes Genji’s swift strike or dash to do 100 damage with a single-use instead of 50.

This is a major deal as it means that he just has do dash in to a target dealing 100 damage, perform a quick shuriken alternate or primary fire to the enemy’s body and melee for a kill confirm.

Previously, players would have needed to land headshots with their shurikens for the combo to delete an enemy, but with this bug, it’s ridiculously easy.

Genji dashes into enemy
Blizzard Entertainment
Genji can deal double damage with a dash bug.

As Reddit user brunomald detailed in a post, “to reproduce you have to press the Swift Strike button (by standard Shift) after you dashed through a bot.”

“Usually I had to do a 180 and press it again quickly to trigger it again,” they further explained.

Meanwhile, a YouTube video by Ryu-Ichimonji shows off how the bug works. “If you dash longer than five meters away from these two bots and flick your mouse a little bit, you do 100 damage.”

“Below five meters it doesn’t work,” he added. “It’s just normal damage.”

In the comments, some players revealed they felt something was off about the DPS lately. “Decided to test this for a bit. Definitely in the game, but appears to only trigger when hitting opponents up against walls like these bots,” TekDoug wrote.

“That explains how I got one shot by a Genji when I was playing Hanzo,” another remarked.

So far this bug isn’t included in Blizzard’s Known Issue list, it doesn’t seem like the developers are aware. In any case, hopefully it gets patched out before cyborg ninjas learn to take advantage of this unintentional buff.