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Team France wins Overwatch Cosplay Battle with stunning Torbjorn design – Photos, videos and full results

Published: 27/Mar/2019 18:51 Updated: 27/Mar/2019 19:02

by Virginia Glaze


Six countries across Europe went head to head in an intense battle to create the best Overwatch cosplay – but only one team could emerge victorious.

After a lengthy, three-month period, top cosplayers from France, Russia, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, and Germany presented their creations for judges to critique.

The judging panel was made up of Blizzard’s own artists and professional cosplayers alike, who ended up crowning France’s team the victor due to their stunning take on Torbjorn’s Magni skin.

Blizzard / NadCosplay, PapaCosplay, Killys_Cosplay

Featuring impressive armor work and facial prosthetics, France’s Torbjorn truly takes the figurative cosplay cake – and even comes complete with functioning dual pumps for his Molten Core ultimate ability to shine.

While Team France won the judges’ hearts, there was another way to take the competition, as well, thanks to the Cosplay Battle’s ‘Community Favorite’ category.

Once judging was completed, fans could cast their votes to choose their own favorite cosplay out of the mix – which ended up going to Team Russia’s classic D.Va skin.

Blizzard / Irine Meier, Alfakote, 1rouch

Team Russia assembled a life-sized version of D.Va’s mech ‘Tokki,’ which cosplayer Irine Meier could even climb inside of for a breathtaking video shoot.

As if that wasn’t enough, the mech likewise features spinning dual guns, with moveable joysticks that render the entire contraption incredibly realistic.

Other entrants in the Cosplay Battle included the UK’s intricate take on Orisa’s Forest Spirit skin, Spain’s Baihu Genji, Italy’s Blackwatch Genji, and Germany’s intricate interpretation of Symmetra’s Dragon skin – which even features dry ice that emanates from the outfit like smoke.

Blizzard, Starchild_props, leonchiro, NadiaSKBlizzard, Nebulaluben, IreneskyworldBlizzard, littlejem, artyfakes, nicsamiotis

Winners of the Grand Prize received a 3-2 printer worth €2,500 (approximately $2,814.81), while Community Favorite victores earned official, framed Overwatch artwork signed by the game’s development team.


Pokemon cosplayer creates the perfect Pikachu disguise as Mimikyu

Published: 30/Nov/2020 19:59

by Brent Koepp


A Pokemon cosplayer made waves on Instagram after sharing her adorable take on Sun & Moon’s Mimikyu. The talented artist brought the disguised Ghost-type to life with her stunning outfit. 

The Pokemon franchise whisked players away to the tropical region of Alola for its 2016 titles Sun & Moon. Despite its sunny and vibrant setting, the RPG also introduced the tragic Ghost monster Mimikyu.

Despite its sad backstory, fans over the years have fallen in love with the creature. A cosplayer celebrated the beloved ‘mon on Instagram with her creative outfit that will be sure to warm hearts.

Screenshot of Pokemon Mimikyu from Sun & Moon anime.
The Pokemon Company
The tragic Sun & Moon Pokemon has become a fan-favorite since its 2016 debut.

Pokemon cosplayer brings Mimikyu to life

About a third into the game, players take a detour on Ula’ula Island to an abandoned supermarket off of Route 14. Here, Trainers are first introduced to the shy ghost named Mimikyu, who hides under a disguise meant to look like Pikachu.

Cosplayer Marissa ‘marissaemma‘ Dattoli brought the character to life when she shared her epic costume of the Gen VII Pokemon. The artist adorably wore a hoodie re-creation of Ghost’s cloth sack, which turns into a buttoned up coat that drapes over her body.

Throughout the series, viewers have only gotten a small glimpse of the character’s shadowy-looking form that creeps out from underneath its Pikachu costume. To represent this, Marissa cleverly wore a black tutu which feathers out across her legs.


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While there is not a lot known about its origins, tales suggest that anyone who stares at the ‘mon’s true form under its cloth sack will come down with a sickness or even die. Despite its dark background, fans of the RPG have come to sympathize with its loneliness. Marissaemma brings a perfect twist to the monster which many have come to love.

The Pokemon franchise entered its eighth generation three years after the release of Sun & Moon. While the Nintendo Switch title takes place in Galar, Game Freak has brought Mimikyu over to the new region, which has been a hit with the community.