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Talon missions come to Overwatch thanks to epic Workshop mode

Published: 1/May/2020 23:18 Updated: 3/May/2020 17:10

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch players can now face off against AI-controlled Talon agents in an impressive new Workshop mode on Watchpoint Gibraltar.

We’ve battled against Talon in two different official PvE modes for Archives, but we’ve never had the chance to actually fight any of its agents like Reaper, Widow, or Sombra, to name a few.

Instead, we’ve had to make due by mowing down endless waves of Talon foot soldiers, until a new Workshop mode was created to fix that problem.

Blizzard Entertainment
We’ve defeated countless numbers of Talon Snipers over the years, but never Widowmaker herself.

French Overwatch enthusiast “MaxInk” was the brains behind what they call the Overwatch “Elite Protocol” Workshop mode, and as we said earlier it lets you battle against various Talon agents through the different stages of Watchpoint Gibraltar.

The mode has players fight the opposite direction on Gibraltar, starting from the launch pad where the map usually ends.

You’ll battle against groups of various Talon heroes like Reaper, Widow, Sombra and Doomfist as you work your way through the map, with each new area being more difficult than the last.

New PVE workshop mode with Home made AI, defeat Talon on this ultimate mission! YXK4F from r/Overwatch

MaxInk admitted that they ran into the Workshops asset limit, so they weren’t able to include every single member of Talon (sorry Baptiste and Moira) but they did hint that Sigma would be included somehow.

“The mod is based on Archive, we really tried to be consistent with the lore,” they explained. “Unfortunately, we reached the maximum elements and could not implement all of Talon!”

If you want to try out “Elite Protocol” and battle it out against (most of) Talon on Gibraltar, the Workshop code is: YXK4F.

Blizzard Entertainment
Doomfist presents a real challenge in Cyber’s mode. You have been warned!

With devs taking a break from new content for the time being to focus on Overwatch 2, this Workshop mode is probably the closest thing we’ll get to a new PvE mode until the new game comes out.


Amazing Overwatch x Marvel crossover skin idea turns Genji into Iron Man

Published: 18/Jan/2021 18:09

by Michael Gwilliam


An Instagram artist has created what could be one of the best Overwatch skin ideas to date, combining the cyborg ninja Genji with Marvel’s Iron Man and the result is incredible.

Unlike games such as Fortnite, Overwatch hasn’t gone out of its way to pursue crossovers with large companies, meaning we haven’t gotten Marvel, DC or Star Wars inspired skins in the Overwatch universe.

However, if Blizzard ever decides to change that, Genji could be an amazing candidate to get his model reworked a touch to add in that Iron Man and bosslogic shows exactly why.

His incredible crossover takes Genji’s iconic look and mashes it over Iron Man’s armor making for a perfect combination.

Genji dashes
Blizzard Entertainment
Genji as Iron Man? It actually works quite well.

The helmet maintains the style of the Shimada’s, but the coloring and lighting coming from the visor is uniquely Iron Man with the red and gold matching up nicely.

Genji’s robotic body also contrasts with the Iron Man suit, with a nice “Stark Industries” logo right in the center just for good measure. Seeing Genji double jump and Swift Strike with this skin would look great, especially with all the lights illuminating from the suit in the process.

After the skin was posted to Reddit, users starting coming up with their own Marvel-Overwatch crossovers they want to see, if the two companies ever decided to work together.

“Honestly I would give Pharah a Falcon skin and Rein a Hulkbuster armor skin. Man that’d be awesome,” one wrote.

Others suggested Tracer as Black Widow, Doomfist as Thanos, Hanzo-Hawkeye and Soldier 76 with a Captain American skin.

Hopefully, by the time Overwatch 2 releases, Blizzard can find a way to work with Marvel so these skin ideas become realities. It seems like fans would really enjoy them and they’d be a good way to market both properties.

That said, with rumors swirling that the sequel is being delayed, it could give Blizzard the time they need to secure a deal and give fans what they want skin-wise.