Strange Overwatch bug gives Ashe’s gun extra ammunition

Ashe leads the team into battleBlizzard Entertainment

While Ashe was one of the many Overwatch heroes up for a nerf in the latest patch, the Deadlock Gang leader seems to have found a way to buff herself, thanks to a new bug.

The August 31 Overwatch update nerfed Ashe significantly, lowering her scoped damage from 85 to 80 and reducing her Viper’s ammo capacity from 15 down to 12. While the former may be unaffected, her gun can now load more bullets than it’s technically allowed to.

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During a recent Twitch stream, popular Overwatch player ‘Jay3’ noticed he was somehow able to exceed Ashe’s allotted ammo capacity, managing to load 13 shots into the gun.

The whole chain of events started when he tried to reload his gun, having no shots left. Before he could even put a single bullet in, he was slept by an enemy Ana and then hooked by a Roadhog.

Ashe shoots a Junkrat tireBlizzard Entertainment
Ashe may have been nerfed, but she still found a way to get extra ammo.

With some help from a Nano Boost, the Hog had no issues with swiftly dealing a final blow to the Florida Mayhem streamer. However, he would soon rise from the ashes more powerful than before.

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Right after being Resurrected by his Mercy teammate, Jay3 started to reload his gun even though it was already at max capacity. As such, he ended up with 13 shots. Even on his screen, his ammo count read 13/12.

“Wait, did you guys see that? I just loaded 13 bullets! Clip that!” he screamed to his chat. “I’m not lying!”

The extra bullet ended up being a deadly one too, as he used it to explode the Dynamite he tossed to take down an enemy Zenyatta.

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“I got rez’d and reloaded and had 13 f**king bullets in a 12 bullet magazine,” he swore, clearly bewildered at what transpired.

It’s unclear what exactly in the sequence of events resulted in Jay3 being able to overload his rifle. It could be the fact he died while reloading in conjunction with the Resurrect itself, or it could be directly related to the Mercy alone.

Nonetheless, it’s something that Blizzard should be trying to fix before the next patch goes live. Until then, Ashe mains will get a little bit of a buff under particular circumstances.

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