Ridiculous Overwatch ‘rework’ turns Bastion into an actual helicopter

Brad Norton
Overwatch LEGO BastionBlizzard Entertainment

Only a few select heroes in Overwatch have ever been able to fly, and now that lineup has expanded thanks to a ridiculous Workshop creation that lets Bastion take to the skies.

Most characters are limited in terms of their mobility in Blizzard’s popular hero shooter. Some can skate along walls, others can double jump or even leap their way towards a fight. But very few have the rare ability to soar through the clouds at will.

Pharah and Mercy are some of the most popular aerial heroes in Overwatch that fit the bill. However, they may have a new threat on their hands, as an unsuspecting Damage dealer takes flight.

Bastion has always been one of the least mobile heroes in the game. His regular movement speed is fairly slow, he can’t wall-climb, and his sentry form leaves him locked in place. However, the Workshop has given us a look at Bastion if all of these restraints were suddenly lifted.

One particularly dedicated Bastion player recently took it upon themselves to create an aerial version of the character. While this rendition came from outside of the game itself, it shows just how much of a force Bastion could truly be.

They’ve taken things to a new level though, as the same creator has turned Bastion into a helicopter inside of Overwatch. Thanks to some crafty Workshop skills, they were able to give the Omnic DPS a fully functioning propeller to get him off the ground.

Bastion remains in sentry form the whole time, swooping high and low to gun down targets on Volskaya. With no limitations and no cover to block lines of sight, this rework can make Bastion all too powerful.

Much of the standard kit is available to use while in helicopter mode as well. Besides from his standard gunfire, Bastion can use a secondary ability to launch missiles at targets too. Healing is available and the flight controls are identical to that of Echo, which should feel familiar to DPS experts.

Overwatch Bastion Ultimate gameplayBlizzard
Even Bastion’s Ultimate form works in this helicopter creation.

Unfortunately, the current Workshop build does come with its fair share of issues. Such is the way of things when pushing the Workshop tools to their absolute limits. You’ll have to be careful when trying out the literal helicopter mode for yourself as it might all fall apart.

If you’re eager to test your piloting skills in Overwatch, you can try this custom mode through the following Workshop code: A2BTM