Sigma’s Overwatch emotes still have some bugs to work out

Blizzard Entertainment

Sigma’s skins and emotes were added to the livestream from Blizzard HQ with former Dallas Fuel pro Brandon ‘Seagull’ Larned and Jeff Kaplan.

Last week, he got skins and other cosmetics added to the Test Region, but players have noticed something’s still up with a few of his emotes.

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Assert your dominance as Sigma

While messing around with Sigma’s emotes, Reddit user MrYannKee noticed a bonus included in his sitting emote.

The emote starts out just fine, with Sigma pulling up some rocks to recline on, but it’s once he gets up that things get hilarious.

Blizzard EntertainmentSigma’s new Talon skin is also available on the PTR.
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As he hops up, Sigma strikes a quick T pose to assert his dominance over those other outdated tanks, no doubt.

Blizzard will continue tweaking and refining Sigma while he’s on the PTR, so the chances of his T pose making it to the main game are pretty slim.

So players using Sigma on the PTR should get their T poses in while they can before it gets removed.

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When does Sigma leave the PTR?

At the time of writing Sigma has spent just under two weeks on the PTR, so he could still have another week or two to go, based on previous hero releases.

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Other new heroes have spent anywhere from a few weeks to closer to a month on the PTR before being released, and it’s looking like Sigma will be spending at least a little longer on the PTR before he’s ready.

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Overwatch’s Competitive Season 17 ends on August 12, and the new Role Queue Beta for Competitive begins on Tuesday, August 13, which is a day when updates usually happen, so it could be a good time for Blizzard to release Sigma as well.