Shroud outlines Overwatch's problem of 'must-use' heroes

Connor Bennett

Top Twitch streamer Michael ‘Overwatch, despite having an urge to play the popular Blizzard title. 

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The former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional, who wows thousands of viewers each day with his god-like mechanical skills, has recently dived into playing Overwatch on-stream – showcasing his abilities in yet another title.

Despite not playing for as long or as consistently as other players, shroud hasn’t shied away from giving his opinion on the game. He has already criticized the use of ultimates, run into smurfs, and even discovered that he can’t play as Mercy. Yet, while Shroud is still trying to improve, he is also hamstrung by the game itself.

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Twitch: shroud
Shroud has been able to translate his god-like skills into Overwatch.

During the early stages of his July 27 stream, the former CS:GO star found himself watching action from the Overwatch League – complimenting the high-level play and admitting that it encourages him to want to play. 

“I do enjoy playing it, I hate that I have to be limited to specific characters to do anything,” shroud stated, after chatting about the OWL. “Like, the only way we stand a chance sometimes is if I pick like Widowmaker. And then, the map is also important too. 

He continued on: “If I pick Widow on a map that’s fucking trash, I’m just going to do nothing. Then I pick another character and I’m not as useful and then everyone’s not as useful and then you lose – and Jesus, you know.”

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Of course, that didn’t stop him from eventually jumping into a few games during his stream alongside a couple of his friends.

Thankfully, for shroud, he had better luck against his foes than during his July 20 broadcast, when he was convinced that he had run into a cheater who had better aim skills than him. 

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Nevertheless, it appears as if his own personal frustrations of the game are not going to stop him playing because when you’ve got that itch to play a game, especially coming from a competitive standpoint, it’s hard not to scratch.