Shroud mind blown by insanely accurate Overwatch enemy: "is he cheating?"

Connor Bennett

Top Overwatch opponent took him down – and the rest of his team – with incredible ease. 

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Since making the permanent switch from esports competitor, shroud has become one of the mainstream faces of Twitch – attracting thousands of viewers each day as he dominates in any game he plays.

Aside from racking up victories in Apex Legends, the Canadian has recently rediscovered hisCS:GO pro had made a return to Overwatch and dove into a Control Point match on Busan. Shroud opted to use Solider 76 and put his God-like FPS skills to good use in a different game. 

However, a few seconds into the session, he was stunned by the accuracy of an enemy Hanzo. “Oh my God, that guy owned me,” he said, watching the replay of his death. “Oh My God, this guy is insane – is he cheating?”

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Of course, it didn’t take long for Shroud to get his revenge – easily taking down the enemy Hanzo within a few moments of respawning.

However, he flipped the script and used his unparalleled skills to look as if he was he cheating – mowing down the opposing team on his way to a jaw-dropping five-kill streak with incredible precision and movement.

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Considering he carried on in the same lobby for a further few minutes and didn’t have any further issues in eliminating the Hanzo, it seems pretty unlikely that the player was actually cheating.

If they had been using some sort of exploit, however, shroud and his teammates would have found it pretty easy to get them reported. Thankfully, those measures weren’t needed in the end.