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Shroud finally finds something he’s not good at in Overwatch

Published: 25/Jul/2019 15:11 Updated: 25/Jul/2019 18:29

by Joe O'Brien


Shroud finally came across something he isn’t good at after trying out Mercy in a game of Overwatch.

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Shroud is renowned for his incredible skill across multiple games. Often referred to as “the human aim-bot”, the former CS:GO pro has been able to turn his hand to a variety of titles, most notably the likes of PUBG and Apex Legends, and has always been quick to demonstrate that his talents are very much transferable.

Recently, shroud has been trying out Overwatch, and of course he’s already been impressing viewers with some incredible feats of skill. Amongst the game’s diverse array of heroes, however, it seems at last he’s encountered something he’s not immediately good at.


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Shroud might be more naturally inclined towards the mechanically-intensive DPS role, but like the good team player he is, he’s also spent some time playing as a support, and during a recent stream he decided to try out Mercy.

Blizzard EntertainmentMercy is one of Overwatch’s strongest healers, but her Caduceus Staff locks onto targets without requiring much aim.

His experiment with the healer didn’t go entirely to plan, however, as he found himself floating uselessly over the battlefield on Blizzard World, unable to actually help his teammates. Shroud could do nothing but express his astonishment at how much difficulty he was having.

“How do people play this girl? What the fuck, how do they play her? This girl’s so hard, how is anyone good with Mercy? It’s insane!”


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Shroud immediately switched back to something far more suited to his skills – support sniper Ana – and vowed that he is “never playing her again.” He also stated that she “might be the hardest healer in the game.”

Shrouds feelings fly somewhat contrary to the general consensus from Overwatch players, many of whom consider Mercy on the lower end of skill requirement, being less mechanically intensive and instead relying on positioning and decision-making.

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For a player like shroud, however, to whom incredible aim comes naturally, it’s perhaps not too surprising that one of the few heroes in the game that requires essentially no aiming ability might prove to be difficult than the rest of the game’s roster.