Secret Ramattra change in Overwatch 2 Season 4 update improves his golden gun unlock

Ramattra Overwatch 2 golden gunBlizzard

A secret Ramattra change in Overwatch 2 Season 4, one that wasn’t outlined in the official patch notes, has now been discovered, as the hero’s golden guns now apply in Nemesis Form.

With each new season in Overwatch 2, Blizzard bombards fans with a heaping serve of news. From map changes to fresh additions and of course, plenty of system updates under the hood, there’s always a great deal for the community to keep track of. However, it turns out, we often get some secrets thrown into the mix too.

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Every now and then, certain adjustments aren’t exactly referenced anywhere before they go live. Not in pre-release blog posts and not in official patch notes. That’s exactly the case here as players just uncovered something interesting when jumping into Season 4 for themselves.

In the past, when it comes to equipped golden weapons in Overwatch 2, it serves as strictly that, golden variants of specific weapons. From Tracer’s guns to Ana’s sniper, firearms and melee weapons alike come with a golden gloss when unlocked. However, some exclusions apply.

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Overwatch 2 Ramattra golden handsReddit: u/Stuck-In-Orbit
Ramattra finally has golden hands in Overwatch 2.

Ever since his introduction in December, 2022, Ramattra’s golden unlock has had certain limitations. While the Void Accelerator staff donned the shiny new look, nothing changed when swapping into his Nemesis Form.

Now, Blizzard has finally addressed the issue for Tank mains. Having snuck through in the Season 4 update, Ramattra’s hands are golden too, meaning both Omnic and Nemesis Form now reflect the golden weapon unlock, opposed to just the former.

Naturally, many players are over the moon with the upgrade, as unlocking golden weapons now technically gives you a two-for-one deal with Ramattra. However, some are still pleading with Blizzard for similar changes to their favorites.

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“I wish they would do the same for Kiriko’s gloves,” one player on Reddit stressed. “Her Kunai is so tiny and almost invisible when throwing, it would be nice to have a little more gold.”

For now, it appears this particular change was a one-and-done. But given the secrecy around it, who knows if or when other similar upgrades may indeed follow suit.

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