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Secret detail in Lucio’s Overwatch Jazzy skin is a musician’s delight

Published: 5/May/2020 5:51

by Andrew Amos


A small, previously-hidden detail has been found on Lucio’s Jazzy skin in Overwatch that’ll appeal to brass musicians everywhere.

It’s the little details that counts, and more often than not, Blizzard’s Team 4 puts them in for Overwatch. Lunar New Year skins have that little cultural flair deeper than most expect. Legendary skins have unique details that really add up.

While Lucio’s Jazzy skin might, on all appearances, just look like a tidied up version of the Brazilian DJ, there’s a few small homages to the genre that have only been uncovered recently.

Blizzard Entertainment
Even if you’re a music buff, you might have missed this small detail on Lucio’s Jazzy skin.

Reddit user ‘discardedhankie’ shared a clip of them playing with Jazzy Lucio. While certain things like the key scale on the back of his weapon are noticeable, there’s some smaller things he picked up on.

When you go to reload, instead of a regular cartridge falling out of the chamber, a valve pops out. The valve is just like those inside of a brass instrument, like a trumpet.

Players can only see it for a split second, so one would think it could be a detail the art team would skimp on. However, even the smallest details get counted ⁠— especially for a Legendary skin.

Hidden Detail in the Jazzy Lucio Skin from r/Overwatch

Brass players all across the Overwatch fandom had their minds blown by the discovery.

“As a Lucio main and baritone horn player, this just blew my f**king mind,” said one Reddit user. “I play the trumpet and I’m so mad that I hadn’t noticed this yet,” added another.

The valve is not the only jazz-related easter egg on Jazzy Lucio. A few of his voicelines were also altered to reflect the change of genre, like “turn it up in my headphones” transforming into “turn it up in my can.”


If you consider yourself a bit of a band nerd, you might want to seriously consider adding this Lucio skin to your collection.

It’s a limited-time legendary one, so it’ll set you back 1000 credits. You’ll also need to wait until the next Overwatch Anniversary event to get your hands, but by all accounts, that’s just around the corner.


Overwatch players freak out at Baptiste’s huge new Amplification Matrix

Published: 23/Oct/2020 17:30

by Michael Gwilliam


Baptiste was the recipient of plenty of buffs in the latest Overwatch Experimental Card, including a major change to the size of his Amplification Matrix that is freaking out the game’s community.

The October 22 patch increased the width of the Haitian hero’s ultimate by a whopping four meters – up to nine from its previous five.

Now, Baptiste’s “window” as the community calls it, looks more like a garage door bigger than any shield in the game by a fair margin.

Keep in mind that the whole purpose of the Amplification Matrix is to double the damage or healing of any shot fired through it. Now, it’s extremely unlikely that teammates will ever have a reason to not shoot through the ultimate as it’s near impossible to miss.

The community has been joking about the size increase. On Reddit, LukarWarrior joked, “Baptiste, now available in IMAX,” suggesting that it’s not as big as a movie theater screen.

Others, such as educational content creator SVB noted how the ultimate is wider than the streets on King’s Row.

That said, it has plenty of uses on other maps where its entire width can be put to good use. BlazeBubble9 documented how there are so many chokes where the new window can come in handy.

Baptiste on Numbani
Blizzard Entertainment
Baptiste’s new Amp Matrix can come in handy on Numbani.

For instance, while defending or attacking first point on Numbani, the new ultimate can take up a whole spot on the high ground letting a whole team fire at will onto the objective doing double damage.

In another, you can see how trying to gain or prevent access to the bridge on Eichenwalde second is a breeze with the new ultimate as it perfectly fits within the choke.

Baptiste's ultimate on Eichenwalde
Blizzard Entertainment
Pushing into Eichenwalde just got a bit easier.

Of course, because the change is on the Experimental Mode there’s a chance it doesn’t hit the live game, but in the past many of the buffs tested there end up going through, so players should prepare regardless.

Only time will tell if this ultimate buff changes how often players decide to pick the support in their matches.