Rumors surface of new Overwatch support hero coming in March

Blizzard Entertainment

French Overwatch streamer Altheaow is claiming that the game’s next hero could be teased as early as March.

During a March 4 broadcast, the streamer claimed that players should be hearing about a new hero coming either at the middle or end of the month.

“Spoiler alert, this is a support,” he said in French.

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The streamer added that he was told this information by popular content creator and French commentator AlphaCast.

Notably, on March 3, AlphaCast was asked when he would do another interview with Overwatch Character Artist Renaud Galand. Alpha replied saying that around the 19th of March would be good, but left the reason why up to his chat.

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“I think Althéa’s memory is playing tricks on him,” AlphaCast told Dexerto. “We only discussed supposition on Echo being released in March just like Baptiste got released in March last year.”

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Baptiste did hit the live servers on March 19, so it seems this is what the streamer was referencing timeline-wise.

Overwatch’s last hero, Sigma, was released on August 13 after being revealed on July 22. While many players expected a hero to be announced at BlizzCon in November, Blizzard showed off Overwatch 2 instead.

According to Game Director Jeff Kaplan, the team has plans to release “at least one new hero” before the sequel is released.

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Blizzard Entertainment
Who could the next Overwatch hero be?

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In an interview with streamer Emongg at BlizzCon 2018, Kaplan explained that the team had more tanks and supports in development and that the next six heroes were planned out.

Since that interview, players have gotten their hands on Baptiste and Sigma – a support and tank respectively. Now the question is: who will the next hero be?

Hopefully, fans will get more information soon, and that rumors of this new hero haven’t been greatly exaggerated.