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Reddit has an idea for an awesome new Overwatch Arcade mode

Published: 19/Oct/2018 18:45 Updated: 19/Oct/2018 19:08

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch’s Arcade has a couple different modes it switches between daily, but some players have complained there isn’t enough variety to stay engaging and now one Reddit user has come up with an idea for a new arcade mode that would give each team locked in heroes to play.

The idea, posted to Reddit by user tacomark69, would be similar to mystery heroes, except each team’s composition stays the same the entire match and is mirrored by the enemy team composition.

So, for example, each team would be given one healer and one tank, and at the start of the match everyone on the team is given a random hero, teams are able to switch heroes between themselves, but not choose heroes outside of what is available to their team.

Ideally, this would mean that the mode would consist of two evenly-balanced teams battling it out instead of the often one-sided team fights players have come to expect in modes like Mystery Heroes and Total Mayhem.

With the Halloween Terror Event going on, Junkenstien’s Revenge regular and endless modes are both in the arcade, but only for a limited time until the end of the event.

With BlizzCon coming up at the beginning of November, there’s sure to be plenty of new Overwatch content headed our way, but it’s pretty unknown whether or not any new arcade modes will be announced.

The idea is an interesting one, but it has a long way to go before making it into the actual game, but at this point players would probably be happy to see anything new offered in the arcade.


How to find cute new Overwatch Halloween easter egg at Chateau Guillard

Published: 23/Oct/2020 1:47

by Theo Salaun


During the spookiest time of the year, Overwatch’s fans have discovered a cute, quaint easter egg in the game’s Chateau Guillard map, which has enjoyed a Halloween makeover.

Overwatch’s developers over at Blizzard do not take October’s biggest holiday for granted, as they celebrate the costume and candy festivities each year with reworked maps and new cosmetics.

This year, players have taken to exploring the Halloween version of Chateau Guillard, and are appreciating the various adjustments.

Now set under moonlight, the extensive French chateau most popularly known for deathmatch custom games is also becoming known for spooky Halloween details. Having released in 2018’s event, players are still making discoveries in the version of Chateau Guillard at night.

Normally, people get distracted by the fog and darkness, or maybe the jack-o’-lanterns and subterranean coffin.

But, taking a trip to the red study room, Redditor ‘YHJ_JYG_Kryptlock’ has discovered a neat little Overwatch easter egg involving candle wicks.

red study room chateau guillard overwatch
Blizzard Entertainment
The new Halloween easter egg appears in Chateau Guillard’s red study room.

As they demonstrate in the clip below, if you shoot each wick of the candelabra, the candles will briefly light. It’s nothing crazy, but that doesn’t stop it from being a neat addition to an already detailed revamped map.

To find this easter egg, you’ll first need to find the red study room.

If you’re facing inward to the chateau from the outdoor area with a jump pad and statue, this room will be toward the back right as you enter. If you’re on the opposite end, at the balcony’s health pack, this will be to your left as you enter the chateau.

How to find Chateau Guillard’s Halloween easter egg

  1. Head to the red study room
  2. Locate the standing candelabra, in the back right of the room at the corner near the bookshelf
  3. Shoot the candle wicks
  4. Enjoy the lit candles
  5. Make a wish?

If you shoot the candles wicks in Château Guillard (Halloween) you will light them on fire. from Overwatch

Ultimately, it’s a very simple easter egg, but a cute one. In a map covered in so much dreary darkness thanks to Halloween, lighting candles is a nice contrast.

Of course, it also makes for a decent party trick. So if you load into custom games, feel free to impress your friends by showing off your detailed map knowledge.