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Overwatch player creates incredibly detailed damage chart for the latest update

Published: 10/Jan/2019 1:01 Updated: 10/Jan/2019 1:08

by Bill Cooney


The latest Overwatch PTR update includes a nerf to the damage reduction of armor for all heroes, and now one player has gone the extra mile to map out what this change will mean to the damage dealt by each hero.

The patch lowers the damage reduction armor provides from -5 to -3, which means all heroes will do more damage against characters that utilize armor.

It’s been shown already that Hammond’s headshots will see the largest increase in damage because of the change, but until now there’s been no full list of the damage changes for each hero.


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Reddit user TheLastParade created the list and posted it to /r/CompetitiveOverwatch and it shows the full damage per second statistics for heroes before and after the new armor nerf.

Moira mains should be excited for the patch, because according to TheLastParade’s chart, Moira will see a 40 percent increase to her basic attack against armored enemies.

Other honorable mentions include Orisa, who will see a 33 percent increase to her basic attack and Torbjorn who will do 26 percent more damage with his shotgun against enemies with armor.

Full Damage-per-Second statistics before and after armour nerf. from r/Competitiveoverwatch

The changes were introduced to the PTR on Monday, January 7, but Blizzard didn’t give any time frame for when the changes would make it to the game.


The changes will probably be implemented before the start of the Overwatch League, which gets going on February 14, but whether teams will be playing on the latest patch is another story.

In the past, The Overwatch League has given teams time to practice on new patches before using them in competition. So it could very well be Stage Two before the armor changes go live in the League.